Date: 17th October 2011 at 10:32am
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The News has said that Sean O’Driscoll has ‘applied’ for the Pompey job but Dave Jones is going to be the new manager I reckon – and that is an appointment I would be happy with.

WOTS, and plenty of weekend ‘rumours’ seem to support the fact that it is he that will take on the challenge at Fratton next…

Lets look at it this way, taking these factors into account.

· He is a manager with a good track record, and is proven at this level – and to be fair he has even done ok at a higher one, so has done well throughout the English league pyramid.

· He can get his sides playing decent and entertaining football – and being ‘entertained’ for my money paid is something I want more of.

· He even has a bit of personality about him without being overly cocky or arrogant (sorry Cotts, no ‘dig’ at you…honest!)

Jones ‘seems’ to tick most, if not all, of the boxes that David Lampitt said that a new manager needed to tick.

Some will argue we could ‘do better’ but more importantly, and dare I even say realistically, we could do a lot worse, right?

Forget the fact that he is a former ‘scummer’ – I suspect he does not remember his time with them that fondly to be honest! – and remember that he is now a ‘skate’ and back him, assuming he does of course get the job…


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