Date: 23rd March 2009 at 3:48pm
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Are a couple of our out of contract players about to sign new deals to keep them at Fratton next season, and beyond – maybe? All being well the contract situations, and who will/will not be getting them will be resolved in the next few weeks, as to again say ‘all being well’ we can secure our top flight status with a good return from our next 3 very winnable games…

New deal for Linvoy?

Well, over the weekend The News was running a most surprising story that I was unable to catch the jist of, but it seemed to be suggesting that Linvoy Primus has/will be offered a new deal as well as a testimonial?

With the early kick off against Everton I had long since left before The News arrived, by the time I was able to get anymore than just a glance at it it was gone…

Having checked The News online I now see that the favourite is apparently about to be given another extended stay at Fratton, with the option of another – but is this a coaching post, ambassadorial role, a playing one or all of the previous. Either way Peter Storrie has confirmed this will be the case and assuming final details can be ironed out then he will without a doubt get the testimonial at the end of next season.

As much as I do love the guy, and would love to think that he could carry on turning out for us I would be amazed if we as a club really did think we would be able to see him play 1st team football again next season, as for me sadly the guy looked as though his career really was coming to an end this time…but it would appear he has done it again, proven that writing him off too soon is a mistake?

Maybe he is being kept solely to lead the reserves? In recent weeks people might have noticed that this side is looking very youthful, so the step-up to this level appears the next one for the kids – and maybe he is the man to lead them forward, and much more has been made of his presence in the reserve set-up…


3-year contract waiting for Davis?

The situation with Sean Davis is really starting to drag out now, and the longer this does drag out the more likely it is looking that he will leave, not that I do want this, but I am starting to think this could be the case…

He was said to have been offered a contract, then apparently it was not there? Was it so eco-friendly that it was on the most environmentally friendly of papers known to man that it degraded almost instantly! Ahead of the January deadline Bolton made a move for him but we knocked them back and again apparently offered him a new 3-year deal – still nothing was signed, but it has been claimed several times that Davis wants to stay, but is awaiting an offer?

I had it on good authority that a 3-year contract was on the table for him, and Storrie has today said that it is in his hands – so why is this not being signed?

To be honest for the past couple of summers we have been on the lookout for players to come in and replace him, so maybe that thought is in his head that we are on the lookout for someone else – problem is this summer much transfer activity looks highly unlikely given the fact that Sacha Gaydamak has categorically stated that he will not be dipping his hand in his pocket again to fund the club any longer, so any transfers we do make will only be funded by selling players, or at least selling with the understanding this can be reinvested?

On this basis it would look as though Davis is a near nailed on cert for a regular 1st team start, let alone squad place, well unless we are sold, but that is proving easier said than done!

So, what is the hold-up? He says he wants to stay, we claim and offer has been put to him, so why not sign? Keeping options open is fair enough, but on the other hand have we offered a deal on massively reduced wages, which he deems unacceptable? That said it is said we have actually improved his terms! So many questions with so few answers!

Either way lets just hope that we can find a happy medium as I suspect we are in for another long season next time round, and depending on who is sold, and sadly I can foresee this again, we will need everyone that we possibly can with experience as some inexperienced players/players lacking in quality could be what we turn too – hopefully this is just my ‘worrying alter ego’ thinking here…


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