Date: 25th March 2009 at 11:11am
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I think that today has probably proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if there is nothing else for media outlets to talk about then Pompey are prime candidates to ‘fill a few inches’, or ‘keep sports broadcasters websites active’…

With the transfer window closed, and little football to report on in the build-up to the international games this weekend and next midweek the media do not have a great deal to work with, but if in doubt Pompey ‘always’ make a good filler do they not? Surely this is proven today with the ‘Storrie concerned with Pompey’s plight’ stories coming out of the red tops, given another ‘twist’ with the clubs valuation slashed to £35m, which are now filtering through to the likes of sky sports, setanta, TeamTalk and so on.

Why was this not spoken about last week, when it actually happened?

As after all this is something that Peter Storrie mentioned last Thursday at the Fans Forum meeting, so why, the best part of a week later is this now just becoming ‘breaking news…’ It is for the exact reason I mention, to give these jackals something to feast upon, spin and manipulate as they see fit, as they have nothing else to write about!

Granted, I am not so sure that these kinds of thoughts that were shared ‘should’ have been shared as openly as they were at this Fans Forum, but on the other hand plenty moan about the club not being ‘transparent enough’, so in doing this we have possibly been ‘overly open’ – in many ways Storrie cannot win can he?

To be honest I have been back and forth on the ‘where I stand regarding Storrie’ issue, but as said in many ways he cannot win – he is damned if he does and damned if he does not really.

Sometimes in hindsight I suspect he wishes he had not said what he had as this sets him up for a fall, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and we all seem perfect when using this. What we do have to remember is he is just the face and voice of Pompey, his orders and directions come from the man above him – no not God, although maybe we could do with asking for more of his help, but Sacha. He is the one that calls the shots, Storrie is just the man that has to relay these thoughts and make these things he/we have to do work I guess!

We were told that our financial situation is going to be ok this summer, no players are sold, so we take the clubs word on this as being the truth – the fact that we were also told that ‘if’ a buyer is not found when fast forwarding a year is a concern, is just that, a concern but not at this point in time! We have to hope that Pompey can find a new owner by then, and the best way to do this is to remain in the premier league, as I am sure we will, and retain the vast majority of players that we do have, which all being well – bar a couple that want to go and others that are released we ‘should’ be in a position to do this.

The money saved on some players’ wages, the sky money that comes in, along with a hefty fee that we ‘should’ expect for a certain Croat who is likely to leave ‘should’ all in theory see us ok – maybe we will not see much activity coming in, but for me the best business we can do is in keeping key players here, and if we are in a position to do this we must ensure that we do!

Of course I worry about the Pompey future, and will not be blinkered to it, and fear what this ‘could’ be if things do not change – but a lot, if not all of these worries come with a lot if ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ connected to them – the way these are reported does not leave much scope for those all important factors, most ‘forget’ the fact that these factors can change and just go straight to the jugular of the worst case scenario…


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