Date: 5th October 2007 at 1:54pm
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Sepp Blatter, in my opinion a man who tinkers with our beloved game just for the sake of it, is at it again.

This time it is reported that the 71-year-old Fifa President wants to take on the EU and enforce a change that limits clubs to no more than five foreigners in any teams starting line-up.

Allegedly, he believes that this will allow home grown talent to thrive, whereas the current situation of ‘no limit’ is not good for the games development or indeed for the education of young players.

Blatter has been a controversial figure in the football world for many a year now, (remember ‘Women footballers should wear tighter shorts’) but what do you think of his latest proposal and how (if introduced) could it affect Pompey or the quality of players we see week in week out in the Premiership?

Is this another hare-brained theory or will it, like so many of his other ideas (silver goal, re-qualification of World Cup winners, booking players who remove their shirt or celebrate too much having scored a goal) become a law of the game that we will all just have to live with?

What do you think?

Written by Chix.

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17 Replies to “Mr Blatter at it again”

  • Nice one Chix – yup the maniac is at it again. Can anyone make a nice anagram from Sepp Blatter? Blast prep perhaps.

  • No i have a better one – rat pleb pest – now that sums him up in a nutshell!! Mixing metaphores I think………..

  • he truley is the best rat pleb that i know! (oh, by the way, silver goal, and re-qualification for world cup winners are NOT laws of the game, they are rules ;-)…you didnt actualy say they were…byut implied it…). The guy is a maniac – and the premiership should not just be a league for the best english playors, but a league for the best playors worldwide. If we wernt allowed so many foreign playors, who would have heard of Benjani? No-one would bother pronmoting football in poor afrcian countries, as they wouldnt be able to play in there teams. it would be a BIG step backwards in football.

  • sorry chix matey i didn’t think it was a good article, too many words to say SEPP THE BLADDER IS AN INCOMPETENT CORRUPT ****A

  • Carpet, thanks for the rules/law thing, I’m not sure what I meant other than it’s something you’re not allowed to do or something that must be done.

    Personally I think the limitation of non English/British players is a senseless idea that is ill conceived and shows no understanding of how ?our? league: ?The Premiership?, arguably the best in the world, operates – Can you imagine Arsenal applying this rule now?

    As for it affecting Pompey, I checked back and the most British players that have started any of our ten games so far this season is five (on four occasions) which proves that with our current squad, if the rule was in operation today, ‘arry could not have fielded what he believes to be his strongest team.

    I’m sure there are those out there who would claim that if it had a long enough lead time, the clubs could prepare themselves for it, but in my mind every club wants to recruit he best players possible to achieve their ambitions, whatever they be, nationality doesn’t and shouldn’t come into it.

    Far be it from me to be controversial 😉 but Mr Blatter, in my opinion is a complete and utter nutter who talks nothing but twaddle.

  • Russ – I couldn’t agree more mate, but it’s not my style to use one sentence when thirty six will do 😉 And I didn’t even get to talk about the goal celebration law …. whoops sorry Carpet ‘rule’:)

  • Chix this national/ homegrownj & local player quota thing ( Platini’s law / rules) is going to come in thru the euro comps, anybody who wants to enter will have to comply and i think this is why we suddenly seem to have a different opinion about our academy and are buying into future talent ( i declare now i think this new approach is really good). Now i will fess up now i have spent most of the afternoon on the beer with my best a journo rodent mate, but he feels this is Blatter trying to grab back the limelight from Platini and his similar announcements.

  • sorry i didn’t finish, he ( Septic Bladder) is trying to be more radical, but most seem fairly sure something will be enforced in the not to distant future. Journo rat also mentuioned that this law would be disastrous for teams from Brazil, Argentina and Africa that rely on transfers to fund their own premiership league equivalents.

  • we would be ok with the 5 english playors – but would zimbabwe? would it benefit siera leone? would we invest in foreign talent? would we bother helping african countries develp there playors? put simply, no. Football is a buissness, and if there is no profit to be made, it wont happen. reduce the numbers of foreign playors in the prmiership, and you will reduce the level of all foreign playors. Blatter wants to be controversial, and wants to be remebered – but he is going about it the wrong way.

  • oh, and sorry chix…i dont mean to be pedantic, but it IS a law…or part of a law that says that you cant lift your shirt over your head…or something like that. I have lost my “laws of the game” book – so i cant quote it (new one on its way) – but essentially, it is a law 🙂

  • Thanks for the comments guys glad I kept you amused, but although I still think it’s wrong I have to admit i have another issue that confront me ……. What the hell is the difference between a rule and a law ?? Carpet (although I think Rumple was a classic quip from Russlm) we are going to have to enlighten us

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