Date: 31st August 2009 at 8:48am
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‘I would not keep Paul Hart as the Pompey manager’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from PompeyFrippy’s poll are thoughts that I do not necessarily agree with to be honest…

Yep, in all honesty Hart does not convince me as the manager but who else will take the job?

Well, let me rephrase that, who else would take the job that actually has some form of experience and would have worked – and will continue to work – to the constraints that he has?

Answer, not that many, if any…

Hart has now, and will continue to over the next 24-hours or so hopefully, assembled his own team – so lets not give him a chance to see how a team of players that do want to play for him perform, although it is not just about what they do, it is also about what he does, the selecting of players in the right positions and right formations, formations that give us a fighting chance of getting points and of course scoring goals. You cannot win without scoring!

Our season starts now, well against Bolton – he will very much have his team by then so lets completely start judging him from then on in, half a dozen-a dozen games will then decide his fate, although ‘if’ he was moved on we would still be left with the ‘who would take the job’ scenario…

At the end of the day Hart is our manager so lets back him eh! Assuming that the players will do this, as I suspect most will seen as they are the ones he wanted, it will help.

  • What the poll asked – Would you keep Paul Hart?

  • How you voted – No 59%, Yes 41%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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