Date: 15th May 2017 at 5:20pm
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With Bristol Rovers, Coventry and Pompey reportedly interested, Marc McNulty is apparently on his way to Mansfield following his Sheffield United release? According to the News.

McNulty has said in the past he would welcome a return to Fratton Park but the free agent is reportedly being swayed towards a return to League Two at Mansfield due to the fact they will ‘offer the greater financial package’ along with ‘regular first-team football.’

As always, Pompey have no divine right to think we’ll be the club players will want to join, yet I’m a little surprised McNulty would be prepared to take money over the chance of returning to the Blues or staying in League One at Bristol Rovers? That being said a switch to Mansfield shouldn’t involve the need to uproot?

I’m not for one minute suggesting McNulty is greedy, few would turn down the chance of extra money and being a regular starter doing what they enjoy, but this will go to dispel the myth, some outside of Pompey have, the level of budget this club has would trump anyone in League Two.

Yes, McNulty did well during the 2015-16 and he was one I wouldn’t have minded us bringing back, but he wasn’t the player in the second half of his loan spell that he had been during the first – they do say ‘never go back’ so all things considered if he did go to Field Mill it might be the best thing?

Like I say, I wouldn’t begrudge McNulty getting himself the best possible deal, but when a transfer comes down to how much is offered I’d be happy missing out on players if it Pompey having to pay more than we’re comfortable with otherwise.

The same News report did say Noel Hunt, out-of-contract this summer, has been told ‘the club would like to keep him’ so the veteran Irishman will presumably be offered a new deal?


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3 Replies to “McNulty heading to Mansfield?”

  • McNulty from the first half of his loan, yes please. McNulty since then, no thanks. On the right deal wouldn’t have said no, but Mansfield probably makes more sense to him personally and if the better financial offer is what he wants he need not apply.

  • In fact, jimsmithswig is straight to the point and accurate, but as pompeyweller wrote in the forum, this probably sums it up best. They said: ‘He needs to get his career back on track, Mansfield are going the right way, it’s a league lower and geographically it makes sense so add a possible money incentive and Bob’s me mother’s brother!!’

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