Date: 1st August 2010 at 9:41am
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Could we accept having Marlon King playing for us? Dave_S139 looks at this with his thoughts.

It would possibly be controversial but what’s the feeling on Marlon King being taken on?

This hasn’t been mentioned by anybody as far as I know yet but it would appear that there are few other clubs that are interested in taking King on following his recent misdemeanour and prison sentence.

Despite our precarious position is this something that we should, like others, take the morale high ground on or is it a situation where the club can take advantage?

Written by Dave_S139.

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25 Replies to “Marlon King anyone?”

  • Is this the player who raped someone and then did a prison sentence or it? If so, then I heard the other day, the view that he has done his time and like everyone else who comes out of prison, should have the chance to return to work. Not sure myself.

  • In the eyes of the law he has served his sentence and is a free man – Whatever his crime, he has paid for it. Pompey need players, he needs a break – sign him up!…. And let he who is without sin …

  • Chix 100% agree with you. He’s done his time, we’re in a while world of poo. It’s a no brainer.

  • he didnt rape anyone ! he punched a women in the face he done his time and we need players free and he was on 35k a week at wigan …. sign him up pompey everone deserves a second chance

  • More of a grope and a punch than rape Gandor .. Sexual Assault and ABH I think – Not saying it makes it any better mind.. but my point still stands.. with Frattonbex’s proviso of course .. I make the assumption that he is fit and good enough..

  • Easily good enough for the Championship, only problem is he’ll be no where near match fit or has had any match practice. Also it’s not as if we can put him in the reserves to do these things as we have no reserve team.

  • If it wasn’t rape, then I have no problem with signing him up, if he is good enough to play for us. Would it take long to get him fit?

  • Sorry completely disagree don’t want him any where near us, he’s got 15! convictions and is on the sex offenders register, he is a low life and will most probably commit another crime at some point in the near future giving us more bad publicity (something we have plenty of)

  • By definition having a grope and a fight (albeit at a woman) is by definition worse than manslaughter – yet that bald fella who played for West Brom got a second chance…. King in my opinion is good enough – at this point in time being available is good enough!

  • You don’t get a prison sentence for groping and punching someone unless you have a ton of previous. Checked WP and, unsurprisingly, found details of a lifetime of ‘dodgyness’. As a Pompey player, I’d still shout for him but lock my car and teach my wife Karate!

  • We don’t have much fire power up front, as we all can see give him a trial first, as SC said all the frees have gone, got to be worth a punt

  • In no way. Give a repentant another chance, yes, but with so much previous a big, big NO. I find it hard to understand all of the above positive posts, especially as we will be fostering a young team.

  • No thanks – as stated (somewhere) above, he really is a piece of work, and isn’t that good anyway. No loyalty to clubs previously either.

    = Cracking bloke…

  • We need Benjani. Very good in a 4-5-1 formation. Nugent and Smith haven’t got that. King is perhaps too lazy to play that role! Besides being un-fit. Benjani has been playing some premiership football unlike Marlon who was a centre forward in his prison’s team!

  • Glad to see he ‘Only’ punched a woman in the face…that makes it alright then!!!…just goes to show what how low football will stoop. Im pretty certain if any of you went home and punched your wives or girlfriends in the face; they wouldnt be so considerate! kick the scumbag out of football i say. Football doesnt need him, he needs football.

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