Date: 6th October 2009 at 12:56pm
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So, Ali Al-Faraj has taken control of Pompey and ‘a few fires for the next week or two to put out’ aside we can now move on again – but I think it is vitally important to revisit the original thoughts that I, and many others had when SAF for came on board, and what we think needs doing.

Peter Storrie has spoken to The News today, and this is what he had to say: ‘Ali Al Faraj wants to take the club forward, he wants to build a stadium and training ground and obviously he’s got to fight a few fires for the next week or two and put those out.

‘Obviously he will look at the team and move the team forwards I’m sure come the January window.’

For me, the priority remains that we get ourselves on an even playing field – we sort out the debt and then get, yep here comes that word again, the infrastructure sorted out.

Of course we could do with some players in January but lets keep these thoughts within a realistic boundary – we will not, or at least should not – be going out and spending copious amounts of money, offering stupid wages will only see us go round in circles, right?

For me, and I could be well off, the priority would be to bring some of the loan players we have in on a permanent basis – offer them the long-term security of a place with us, if they are good enough and committed enough..

Although someone, unless things change between now and January, that I would like us to be spending money on would be an out-and-out goalscoring striker, that would be a priority for me, but as we all know these do not come cheap. Goals win games, and goals are where I still feel we are short.

Also, too much talk of ‘new’ and ‘better’ players arriving in January could undo the unity that we have been seeing – if players start thinking ‘I will be out the picture in January’ they might start thinking ‘why bother’…

If is important that we:

· Stabilise the club financially.
· Secure our premier league survival.
· Get the infrastructure sorted – making us a financially viable outfit, which includes the illusive training ground and redevelopment of Fratton, potentially down the line even the eventual move.

All we, well I know I, want is a stable club – if, in time, this means we can reach heights we were reaching, but in an affordable way, back along so be it but I want to do it the right way and do not want stupid money thrown at mercenaries that do not care – and money that is unsustainable. I am loving the current unity of the side, the 100% commitment, dedication and effort we are seeing so with a little tweak here and there I would be happy to keep things in this vain…

Also, maybe Paul Hart can get his assistant that he wants – perhaps even the issues with Gary Mac, which were not financial or job wise problems, can be sorted out? I would still guess that it was a ‘compensation issue’, but maybe this might not be as much as an issue as it was?

Finally now though it seems like we do have someone that can back up claims that are made, at least we hope so. We can now, again hopefully, focus purely on what is going on out on the pitch now – without outside distractions and continue to build on last weeks win and climb up the table.

To coin a phrase from one of the guys behind the scenes at Vital Football, Andy, who I have a lot of contact with in my work with Vital, onwards and upwards! Although again, onwards and upwards in the right way without getting carried away!


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