Date: 1st January 2010 at 9:45am
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I know this came about yesterday, on the whole, but travelling from pillar to post has not been easy for me to get any t’internet time – so here goes a ‘catch up’…

Lens ‘threaten’ to recall Dindane

Aruna Dindane’s loan with Pompey ‘could’ be cut short according to some recent ‘reports’.

Lens were ‘said’ to have started legal proceedings over our going back on an ‘apparent’ deal to sign him for ?4m if he played so many games, and other issues, this was of course denied, although now Lens president Gervais Martel is now saying that if we do not pay they want the player back…

Well basically, and almost in as many words, he said we should be forced to pack in and he would want it!

In many ways there is part of me that says take him back, in others we have ‘occasionally’ seen that he can be a quality player.

In either case he is away for the African nations for a while, so we will be without him for January anyway, at least. It is also ‘claimed’ that Monaco might want him – I would guess a few would say ‘let them have him!’

I think that one thing is CERTAIN Lens WIL NOT deal with us again anytime soon, then again which club would now, even if we could…


Storrie fights Ali Al Faraj’s corner again…

Peter Storrie continues to ‘insist’ that the shambles at Pompey is ‘under control’ and is not as bad as some might have you believe in the media – hmmm…

Storrie, talking to the media, said that matters that the club would have rather dealt with in private are all too often being broadcast in public, with many ‘wayward’ of the truth – ‘truth’ is not something I associate much of with many people within this club, and within many parts of the media anymore to be honest! Anyway, he said this: ‘off the field, the financial issues of the club have been prominent in the media once again.

‘While we would prefer to keep this in-house and deal with the situation, third parties are ensuring that certain issues are played out in public.

‘The majority of the reports are ill-informed, but such is the confidential nature of finance that we are not at liberty to put the record straight all of the time.’

‘Where’s all our money gone?’
‘Sack the board’
‘You’re not fit to run a club’

These were just some of the chants at Fratton on Wednesday, Storrie feels this is somewhat unfair as Al Faraj and his people are doing ‘all they can’ to sort things out: ‘it has been a very difficult year, but one thing you must believe is that Ali Al Faraj and his associates are doing their very best to refinance the club so we can once again operate the business as we all want to.

‘At Ali’s request I have also been in discussions regarding further investment with various parties, and these are ongoing.

‘The priority, of course, is to get the transfer ban lifted – especially with four of our players away at the African Nations Cup.’

He still thinks that we can, and will, stay up though.

To be honest I think the thing that we must ALL remember is these guys, well the ‘new owners’ anyway, are not the ones that got us into this mess their major fault is on the face of it is does not look like they can get us out of it – so, with that in mind you think WHY did you bother?

I almost give up now and do not know what to believe, those within your club are meant to be the ones that you do trust but I find it increasingly difficult to do this – so I will leave it you to make up you own mind on this…


Burnley WILL NOT sign Nugent permanently

Burnley have made it clear, time and time again, that they want to keep Dave Nugent – although they have now admitted that they WILL NOT buy him, well not at this stage anyway.

We are almost in a no win situation, it is pretty obvious that the is not wanted at Pompey, he does not want Pompey and nor can we afford to keep him but can we afford to let him stay with a possible relegation rival ONLY on loan?

Put it this way we ‘might’ let a team that could well stay up at our expense ‘borrow’ one of our own players to help send us down – do we REALLY want to give them that much help!

Cutting off your nose to spite your face perhaps, but if we are ‘paying’ most of his wages but they will not buy him maybe we should recall him to either force their hand or get someone else in for him? Either way his loan runs until January 22nd I think?

So ladies and gentleman welcome to 2010 – A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, share your thoughts on the above below…


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