Date: 13th November 2007 at 4:09pm
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I’m furious. Spineless Steve has done it again.

My hero, the best English goalkeeper by far over the past 18 months has been overlooked again. Its been announced Scott Carson is playing in goal for the friendly v Austria, and Paul Robinson gets the nod for the Croatia game.

Nothing against Scott Carson, but what does Jamo actually have to do? The Premier League clean sheet record holder has kept 5 clean sheets of the last 7 in the premiership, and played outstandingly well. Not just that but his command and distribution is second to none – how many others can just chuck the ball 60 yards up field to find an attacking player like he can?

Perhaps despite his incredibly athletic physique that would put many 20-somethings to shame, its his age that has gone against him? If that’s the case then perhaps McClaren should tell him that rather than just string him along in the squad and playing him for half a friendly.

Or is it the poor form he experienced prior to joining Pompey? The howler in (ironically) Vienna and a form which he has done incredibly well to put behind him and hit the great form he`s hit consistently for over a year now? If that’s the case, then why has he had another call up to the squad? Is it really true that he can’t be allowed to put that behind it and be given credit for how is playing now? Robinson is the ‘calamity’ keeper now, why does he keep his place?

Having said all that, I am just about to appear to contradict myself, because I do feel that given Jamo’s desperation to deservedly get his place back for England, coupled with the possible (depending on the Israel-Russia match) huge pressure on England for the Croatia game, to have put him back in for that one would have been too much pressure for anyone, and it would have been completely unfair to have recalled him for that match. He should have been recalled before now. What is prompting this out-pouring is the fact that it appears Carson has now gone into second place for the number 1 shirt above him. McClaren you made your own bed, you continued to play Robinson – you live and die by that now. And other decisions, like dropping Beckham for all that time, and Sol. Playing Gerard and Lampard together . . .

I can’t believe we might fail to qualify for Euro 2008. And we might even have to live with our Scottish neighbours getting through. What a fun summer that’s going to be, especially after the stick we gave them in the World Cup.

Only thing I have to add any further is that if Jamo wants a hug and a shoulder to cry on I’m here . . . . .

Written by tracyc.

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28 Replies to “Jamo Snubbed Again”

  • spineless is a waste of bloody space – i had said somewhere in the forum that it wouldnt surprise me if he picked carson for this game as by putting jamo in as a starter i would send ‘the wrong message’ out to robbo, who he is going to stick with until he is finally fired like the fa should do… whats the bloody point in putting jamo in the squads if he isnt going to play who is commonly regarded as the best english keeper? its because spinless is a coward he tried to be the ‘big man’ telling players their careers were over, realised he was wrong and as a last resort brought them back, he is too gutless to admit that he wrote of becks, sol and jamo too soon – he has brought back becks, brought back sol but his ‘pride’ wont allow him to do the same for jamo – much like tracyc who wrote this im furious, why didnt he just bring green or kirkland into the squad instead of stringing jamo along…

  • and qualification for euro 2008 or not lets hope the fa do the right thing and get rid of this fool before he can do any more damage to the english game – come on fellas lets admit it, teams arent afraid to face england anymore, they are laughing at us because of spineless steve…

  • He won’t be in the job for much longer, and it will be good riddance to a man who should never have got the job,i just wonder where he will end up when his term at the FA is up, then again providing he never has a job with us i dont really care.

  • yep sack the clown, but i wouldnt want him in the fratton end tracyc even if we were taring and feathering him…

  • perrish the thought Owenspompey… i dont know what i would do if he rolled up with his cheesy grin to take over at pompey – thankfully this will never, ever happen!

  • Nice article Tracy. We don’t want spineless on the Fratton End or anywhere near FP again. His spell as manager has been a wasted two years for English football. We have a crop of very good players with good youngsters coming through and yet we achieve absolutely NOTHING!!

  • lets go one step further, burn his house down!
    no, lets not, im not an arson, but I agre with all of you, i dislike him to say the least, and no doubt he will start bloody beckham, smith or downing. hes a total tw*t!! hmm lets see, robbo is rubbish, jamo is the ultimate legend, and then carson, who granted is good, but jamo is better!! hes a stupid idiot! waste of space, hopefully he wont get back into football!

  • I don’t doubt that Carson is one for the future along with Green and Hart but this is not the time to blood youngsters. What if Robinson drops something on his foot and is unable to play against Croatia who would spineless want to pick? Carson? no Jamo because he has the essential experience and because of the likely occurence (Robbo dropping something) Jamo should play in Austria.

  • jamo is there for the experiance, so whatever happens, he wasnt going to play against austria, as that is for other keepers to get expreiance in. and anyway steve will never play him, as cant pluck up the courage to do so. nor can he call up rob green, who has been consistent, wheras scot carson has been mediocre at best. and roninson…i think i might puke. as for the rest of the squad, he has his favourites, and he will stick to them. end of story. …hopefully for mcclaren.

  • Friendlies to give experience to those who ain’t got it, I can understand But Jamo should be in for the Coatia game, especially if we have to win it. To be honest I can’t Israel helping us & that will mean us out & probabaly Jamos England career over. With the World Cup qualifiers coming up they will look at Carson & Green as understudires to Robinson, irrespective of who the England manager is.

  • of course jamo shold be england keeper – but lets be honest, mcclaren wont let him, so if we want to see a pompey playor play for england, how about glen johnson?

  • in fairness carpet from what ive seen of carson this season he has been better than ‘mediocre’ and would be right up there with the potential future england no.1’s, but he is still a couple of years off for me, but spineless is just taking the easy way out again. he is not playing robbo as he is frightened he will balls up again but wont play jamo as he is worried that he will play a blinder so he would then ‘have to’ pick him against croatia – he is just taking the easy option, keep robbo out of the firing line play his ‘look to the future card’ and dont give jamo the chance he has deserved… chances are this is the last squad jamo and sol will be in, i just wish jamo could have got the start his form of the last 18 months or so has deserved……. tbh i almost wish he had never even bothered bringing jamo back, this was only bowing to the public wish really wasnt it.

  • Great article Tracy and one of the most passionate I’ve seen on the site, your anger and frustration really come through. As annoyed as I am I not really surprised by anything the idiot does these days he’s incompetent to a the highest degree possible.. I made two predictions in the forums a couple of months back and (unfortunately) I think I am gonna be right on both of them (although I don’t necessarily agree with them). The first ‘Chixys Prediction #1’ was that Robinson will play against Croatia – The second ‘Chixys Prediction #2’ is a little more worrying… I predicted (and still believe) that qualify or not the FA will not sack Spineless – I really hope I’m wrong but don’t you just know deep down it aint gonna happen !

  • like i said under one of those predictions, i read in the daily telegraph that the fa were CONTEMPLATING the idea of sacking him after we are officially out. and to add insult to injury, steven gerrard says that mcclaren shouldnt be sacked, as the playors must take sum of the blame…well, 1 answer to that…sack them to. we dont need passionless playors who arent intrested in playing for the country. we want playors who WANT to play, and WANT to win.

  • yep, agreed mclaren is a droopy old git, i feel sorry for him however, next time you have a chance, look at his latest interview, he looks so depreseed, and his eyes are so saggy, but like i sed, i feel sorry for him for being such a bad coach and a loser

  • i have to agree – you have to feel sorry for someone who is so bad at there job… but then, buisness isnt fair, football isnt fair, so lets move on.

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