Date: 26th January 2009 at 4:57pm
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Just in case you put anything out regarding the Mirror’s s**t stirring about James, you might want to take into account what I saw.

Today’s Mirror reads: ‘David James was seen showered, suited and booted and striding out of Fratton Park within 10 minutes of the final whistle after Saturday’s FA Cup exit to Swansea which left furious fans asking questions about Adams’ tactics.’

I can confirm that whilst waiting with my lad to see Crouchie and get his signature until about 1740, James came out at about 1720 in a relaxed manner to his car dressed in jogging bottoms and a polo shirt along with I presume his son? He then sat in his car for about 10 minutes waiting for the car park to empty a bit before casually driving off.

Totally opposite to what Mirror Sport is trying to portray!

Written by Blarmy.

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13 Replies to “James off to Newcastle – Mirror s**t stirring!”

  • well there’s a surprise…nice to see that these big names still have time to spend with young fans. I remember getting autographs when I was a nipper and the excitement lasted for days

  • I’ve already posted my version of this earlier and his email address should you want to put him straight. I have emailed the
    “journalist” concerned. My daughter and I waited in the car park so she could get some autographs. She collected 14 autographs. Now, Jamo came out about 45 minutes after the end of the game (not 10 minutes) and was preceded by at least 5 others who played – does this mean they’re all off to Newcastle? Sorry, but maybe he seemed in a hurry because he was *****ed off at being knocked out of the cup and had a long drive home to his family in Devon. By the way, you scumbag Steve Anglesey, James wasn’t in too much of a hurry either – he signed numerous autographs and even chatted to us about the “injury” bull**** that had appeared in the press.

  • and thought a swap deal with Barton was on the cards..especially as the “Pele” that i was looking at on you tube was johanne pele-a goal keeper.

  • Pompey seem to be trying to rival Newcastle in the ‘going down’ category. We’re well stocked for keepers, ta, regardless of whether Shay goes.

  • Well let’s be fair – most Mirror readers’ version of ‘Suited and Booted’ does mean a tracksuit ….. you sure the ten minutes he spent ‘waiting’ for the car park to clear wasn’t actually him hotwiring Adam’s new motor?

  • i blame Micky Quinn for this, he started this whole rumour thing on that awfull radio channel talk sport, which i assume from the quality of the show refers to the newspaper The Sport rather than any reference to competitive games—admiitedly the H&J in the afternoon is top top quality, and i like Danny Baker a lot but this show is ruined by his partnership with Stan the transit man Collywobbles.who equally played this up along with TA failings as a tactician

  • Nice one Blarmy and Ninja Tim.. I love it when Vital Pompey can suss out the red tops…

    Graham you’ve just convinced me to tune in !

  • Thanks for that Ninja, I am gonna give that p***k both barrels in an email now I have got his low down, gutter level email address.

  • Well we are a sitting duck for these w4ankers to have pot shots at us. Don’t but their excuse for toilet paper, read on line.

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