Date: 24th August 2012 at 8:23pm
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An article from Pompeytim on why Chainrai returning is far from a good thing for him – read on for more.

I understand where some supporters are coming from with the positive views they have of BC, as I used to feel like they do.

However, I can’t help but think this is a naïve position now that I have reflected on it over recent months.

Some seem to boil football down to being a business, and that because BC is a “businessman” then its all fine. However, if football is as black & white as this, then I should only base decisions on whether to go or not purely on value for money, right?

If BC, who will inevitably reduce spending on the playing side to allow him to repay himself as much of his £18m as he can get (people MUST agree on that, right??), ends up putting on a budget “show” (i.e. kids and other off cast players), then I would assume he will also cut the prices for watching this “show”? If football is just a business & he doesn’t offer me a discount then I’ll say that this isn’t good value, and sorry, I won’t consume this product. If the football is good value, with good players for the money, then great – Let’s all go along.

However, football isn’t just a business, well not to me anyway. It is an emotional thing. It is a community of people that evokes passion, loyalty, feelings of belonging, etc. So I don’t have to make decisions based purely on thoughts of value for money.

Feelings of justice, integrity, hope, etc. start to come into it.

In my opinion BC is scum. He will happily bleed this community dry. Happily exploit the emotional attachments I have described above to make up for his amateur business skills in which he lent £18m to a bloke who may not even exist!

Can’t wait for such a brilliant businessman to run the club again! He is, after all on a hat-trick… a hat-trick of administrations. Top class businessman. Premier League in fact.

So his followers, welcome him back & give him (yet) another chance if you want, but I’m done with this guy. He & me at the same club no longer works.

Written by Pompeytim and originally posted in this forum thread – here.

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17 Replies to “He and me at the same club no longer works”

  • spoken the way so many of us (with that ‘gift’ 😉 to see into the future apparently) see it tim. i have paid my money so BC will not give a toss if i go or not but at this moment in time i have said i would not go…

  • i agree with you Tim, but i HATE this man, i wont give him a penny of mine, (unless its clear hes doing it for the club), ill go to some away games cos appy and the team deserve more, but he wont see penny one from me.

  • Agree with your view of your involvement with Pompey but altough I don’t want BC you’re wrong about why he’s here. He is a money lender. Someone came to him (as many go to Wonga) desperate for cash. They were willing to pay a high rate of interest. He took The Park as collatoral. That was the worst move of his life. It’s cost him £ms. He’ll never see all his cash again. Twice he’s saved Pompey by putting them into admin, he’s sold them to someone we all welcomed. Another bad move. Without his loan we’d have gone bust in the Premier. In the absence of a queue in Frogmore Rd he’s buying us again to try & cut his losses. Good luck to the Trust, Shepherd and the others but if football creditors won’t cut another deal then it’s curtains for this season and Wessex league next – or BC is temporary owner again. Not ideal but be under no illusion the alternative is we fold.

  • Can someone (Russ perhaps?) please explain to me how the PST can win the bid if BC is back in the frame? BC will just block any PST offer as ‘derisary’? This will surely show us a) how viable the PST bid really is b) how good Birch is and c) if the PST bid is a better option for the club and it’s in the administrators duty to present the best offer for the club to come out of administration then surely Birch can tell BC to accept the offer or ***** off? and d) how much BC really is in it for the ‘community’ if the PST bid trumps his offer!

  • PLUS if BC thinks he can flog us to another fraud, we are at are best value NOW. our debts have been taken by the parachute payments and our wages our next to ***** all! Do you see any offers/interest BC? NO! Stop trying to con us! PS I’m having a particularly crap day today hence my brashness but I just give up with all this. If we’re going to die on our arse then ***** it give it to the PST for one last hurrah!

  • I do not look at Chainrai as the messiah, and view him with some scepticism, however, at the moment, there is no better offer on the table.

    I would love to see a fan owned future for the club, but let’s be perfectly honest, PST has not even been able to fund the purchase of the club and is borrowing against its only assured income just to get around he table.

    The clubs still not profit making, so how on earth are we to keep it running when we cannot even stump up enough cash to buy the club? PST would be the desired option for me if it had been able to raise significantly more funding, but in its current position can anyone convince me in black and white that it is truly a financially viable option?

  • Well Rug, Pastyman, Tim and others .. should BC take over (and I really hope he doesn’t) .. it will be sad that you will have wasted your money on a season ticket that you won’t use… and that some of you will never go to Fratton Park ever again… Your ability to see into the future is unnerving .. but hey IMO .. BC or no BC Pompey will pull through .. and as I’ve said elsewhere I’ll ride the rough until that happens .. I’ll be the single supporter in the Fratton end if need by …. but I WILL NOT withdraw my support for the club, the team, the manager, the players under any circumstances .. Owners will come and go … they will be good they will be bad .. but Portsmouth FC will continue (as it continually does.. after four administrations and seven threats of liquidation) and I will continue to support it. A Pompey fan to me supports the team.. if you have the means and chose not to go (especially if you already have a ST) then you are choosing not to support the team … Watching football and supporting your team on a week by week basis has nothing to do with who owns the club !!

  • are you ‘withdrawing your support’ tho if you decide not to go anymore tho? it wouldnt personally mean that i no longer support pompey if i do not go, it would simply mean i no longer wish to support (bankroll) the current owner…

    if not going no longer qualifies you as a fan then x-amount of other pompey fans around the country, europe and the world would not be fans in that case would they?

    like i have said i really do wish you would put up something in form of a front page article chixy to give this argument a bit of balance…

  • Rug – I wasn’t questioning whether you were a fan … but in the true sense of the word a supporter .. supports … choosing not to go when you already have a ST .. has no other explanation that to suggest you are withdrawing your support … dress it up or defend it in anyway you wish … but that is what is boils down to .. If you will choose not to go to FP because you don’t like the owners .. you will miss out on watching a Pompey team play football .. Simples… But hey it’s your choice .. based on your views … I chose differently

  • Rug – on separate note … Not going stick a front page article up on this subject as I really can’t be arsed with all the general negativity around the subject. I just want to discuss football with those that love football (hence my elongated absence) .. It just grates when I read things from people like you and Pastyman and Tim etc… who are Pompey through and through suggesting.. because of an owner none of us want .. that you’ll be withdrawing your support … I really don’t think you’ve thought it through .. but if you have so be it .. I wish you well doing whatever you chose to do on a Saturday .. Whilst I’ll be watching Pompey at Fratton Park

  • ‘you will miss out on watching a Pompey team play football’, that is ALL i want to do but there lies the problem, we have an owner (or could do) that has no interest in the footballing side of things, when that is what football is meant to be about, you are in a bit of trouble!
    trust me all i also want to do it talk about football, that started to happen again a bit in the last week and i enjoyed that. and again trust me i have not enjoyed the weeks, months, years even or this crap and started forgetting what it was like to write about football and enjoy it…

    i get where you are coming from re: the article but like i say it would be good to see your thoughts rolled out in an opinionated article, to see how people viewed your thoughts on it as an article reaches many more than comments…you do not want to so fair enough but hopefully we can soon see you start writing stuff again (football related), as its been an age since we saw your rabmlings in an article and we all enjoy them.

  • Fair shout Ruggers.. I prob won’t do an ‘ownership’ article .. but time permitting will knock up a few ‘football related’ things in the next couple of weeks …. and once kids back at school will (hopefully) have a bit more time on my side… In the meantime ‘keep the faith’ and don’t lose sight of why you started supporting Pompey… it had nothing to do with the business side of the club or even who owned it 😉

  • Ha ha! I’ll respond to Chix when I can be arsed, but I think you’ve missed the point a little bit old boy.

  • thepompeypaul I agree with you 90% and Pompey pessimist ( visionary name) you are right Chan can reject any bid and block it. TB’s chances in court are extremely slim unless BC makes an error. The principle is TB would have to prove A, Chan is deliberately killing a going concern for malice and that Chan’s mortgage or secured debt is widely over estimated- I am 100% sure TB would have challenged if he thought that was the case. Chan will also argue TB did not tell him at the time he had signed away the remainder of the parachute payment and therefore his first offer was based on a concesled unrealistic financial position;I suspect this could be true as TB did not deny Chan’s accusation. Other options could be Chan takes hallucinogen’s and forgets he’s a businessman ( sorry Rug footie IS an unholy buisiness) or a outsider comes in with another option to force Chan’s hand or buy him out. I have always maintained that inaccurate / made up facts as emotional rants will harden Chan’s position. My last thought was the PST ( STILL NO REAL PUBLISHED PLAN ) should play nicely with Chan and take the time to get the money / majority/ major backer to buy Chan out.
    Re Appy I think he and Chan are stuck with each other in the short term – long term who knows but Chan won’t find a harder worker for his financial commitment – or- lets be honest a cheaper one.

    In the meantime thanks to Pompeyrug for keeping me informed – I’m desperately trying to get this boat from port to port in Tenerife the data connection is terrible and stupidly im finding no news is worse than bad news!

  • Tim – no I haven’t …. My point is this (re-quoted) …..”dress it up or defend it in anyway you wish … but that is what is boils down to .. If you will choose not to go to FP because you don’t like the owners .. you will miss out on watching a Pompey team play football .. ” That’s the only point I’m making… and people wonder why I don’t write articles anymore …. !!… maybe I can’t be arsed either …

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