Date: 19th April 2009 at 1:06pm
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Having been criticized after only managing a draw against WBA many fans, who are only good to complain about his tactics and the way he fields the team, were preparing to argue again.

This time about the formation which Hart had chosen to play against Bolton, on Saturday: No Pennant, no Gekas and no Basinas, once again, no Greeks.

It was only evident to me that Hart will play Kaboul as a right back and Johnson in the midfield role, a position he is managing very very well. The only doubt I had was that of Nugent. To me, he did not work very hard last week to retain his place, but against the Trotters he did very well, only before fading out after halftime, something he often does. I was hoping to see Pennant on that left side, but it did not happen.

However, stubborn he might be, Hart played with the same formation, that of 4-5-1 and did not call up Gekas. I am sure that so many fans were very surprised, and were thinking that we will be poor once more. But that did not happen. Hart’s tactics, had worked once again, and claiming this victory does put us in a better position to play Manchester United this coming Wednesday as safety seems very likely now.

Hart has introduced Kanu instead of Nugent, and what a substitution that was! People might have wished that Gekas was able to come on instead but Kanu seems to give Hart whatever he needs, the winning goal, as if we go back to the Everton match, it was Kanu who played a huge part in Crouch’s goal! And only Hart knows that.

With this victory, the way the team has played and controlled the match, Hart shows that he knows his team much better than anybody else.

Credit to Hart and Kidd, once more.

Written by Pompey Malta.

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16 Replies to “Hart knows it better”

  • Good article Pompey Malta. I think that Hart and Kidd should be confirmed for next season now so that they can start planning for it.

  • actually, I was a little worried when the game started. Having played our last few games very withdrawn, and not too open, to then go out and play an expansive game, suggested to me that the fans/media were getting to hart, and convincing him to play it differently…

  • I do feel sorry that Gekas isn’t getting a chance, he’s a proven goal-scorer and could help us out. But credit to Hart and Kidd it looks like they’re doing enough to keep us up, which is the big priority right now, what we need, and what’s been asked of them. As for next season, I don’t think so. We need to give Hart a nice big bonus and handshake (and payrise) as he returns to his role running the academy, which he does so well, and get in an experienced, proven manager with a high enough profile to bring in players and take us forward. After all, Alain Perrin kept us up too.

  • im prepared to take a bite of humble pie (but not the whole pie im afraid!) i still think were not as good as we could be, but credit we did win … and we did dominate the match. but hart was forced to make the belhadj/krunchy substitution which gave us the goal … it could so easily have been 0-0! i do hope kanu stays actually, i think he warrants his substitution role, but he would have to take a serious pay cut … if hes not happy with that, i can see him going to any chumpionship side that get promoted!

  • Yes Tracy a proven manager capable of getting 13 points from 7 games :o) Who do you suggest by the way? And which experienced, proven manager is going to want the job, knowing that they will probably only have a small fraction of the money generated by selling off our top players, to spend on any knew ones?

  • from what i hear hart doesnt actually want the job anyway, so lets hope that we can find someone else to do it…altho i do also hear that hart ‘maybe’ does…
    i would keep kidd in a heartbeat as assistant manager but dont think that giving him the managers job would be a good job at all, fantastic no.2 but not a no.1 – remember what happened the last time he got a managers job with blackburn…
    i maintain, and will not change my views, that giving hart the managers job is suicidal from pompey as he will not see the 09/10 season out, which means we would not only lose a manager but probably the best shot we have of producing enough talent to see us through the next 5-years plus, as if hart left the managers post it is almost 100% assured that he would then leave pompey completely – he is much, much more useful to us in his academy role, so lets get him back to this on may 25th and then bring another manager in…

  • sorry that first sentance should read ‘altho i do also hear that kidd – and not hart – ‘maybe does…

  • Hart said right from the start he had a job to do, keep Pompey in the premier league this season. We might not like his style or tatics but he seems to be close to completing his task. Saying this I would like to see Gekas given a chance against UTD He is a proven striker for the Greeks and scores when playing for his country. We don’t expect to get points from this game so let him have a chance. Hey he might just be what UTD don’t expect.

  • Well goal difference at this stage can be very important Gandor, so we don’t want to be too recklless. I really think that if Belhadj had not HAD to have come on then we would have finished 0-0. Although in the end we were lucky not to win by 2 or 3 with the chances we had.

  • Playing Man Utd after they lost to Everton in the FA Cup is going to be tough as they will surely cannot afford to lose the league now. But on the other hand, we are high on confidence, and they are or they should be down. So I expect that we give it a real go. I also point out that we should not concede more than 2 goals if we had to lose, which I do not think so!

  • we will play with a strong defence, and attempt to catch them on the break. It’s how we have always played against them, and – in the past – it has worked fantasticly!

  • We have to play the system with the best players taking into account the opposition. The crititism was justified against WBA. We opened ourselves to them & defended to deep. Winning ugly is one thing but playing ugly & not winning is fckin awful!

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