Date: 15th October 2013 at 11:23am
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An article suggestion from member benjbadboy. They give some views on Guy Whittingham and what they think should happen with him.

I have been a lifelong Pompey fan for 40 years, played the game to a reasonable standard. What I saw at Fratton against Fleetwood was schoolboy stuff.

Never once did the goalie look up to play short probably because the whole back line were at the half way line the whole game! The old adage, “You can’t play football in this division” is the defence for this tosh I witnessed.

Guy bless him was never any good at Newport or Newbury so why do we persist with him with these awful displays?

His physio is even his scout talent man!

We should run this club as where we want to go in the future. Playing or trying to play football. Swansea and Scum did it and now look at them. They never broke the bank, just had good managers and a plan.

Lets look to bring in a decent manager with great coaching skills who can get the players playing some kind of structured football unlike boot it up to ! the immobile centre forward and get the 2nd ball.

Painter at left back well they shouldn’t put what his trade is on his back because he just goes through the motions.

Guy take your P45 and let the club move forward please!!

Written by benjbadboy.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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28 Replies to “Guy To Go”

  • This will not be a view that all agree with, some will be completely against it but PLEASE can we have constructive responses to what benjbadboy has written and not just abuse filled rants!
    When all is said and done, right or wrong (in your opinion) its takes some guts to write something like this and put it forward as a suggestion to share with fellow Pompey fans so lets remember that point too?

  • What a load of rubbish .. you opinion is based on one match (Fleetwood) and the fact that you have played at a decent level .. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.. and I think your opinion is complete an utter tosh .. In fact it makes me quite angry that you have no constructive basis for your arguement whatsoever .. Put an debate over then you might get some sense back as coment.

    And Rug .. I am really *****ed off that you decided to label this article the way you have .. very poor show IMHO

  • An article was written and submitted so I put it up (I did have email contract with benjibadboy to see if they wanted to add anything more to it as I was aware that it focused purely on the Fleetwood game but they wanted it as was…)

  • Well, this is what I said in the forum…
    I have a lot of time, and respect, for Guy and thank him for stepping in when we were in desperate need of him to do this but I have to admit now that his ‘getting Pompey’ probably isnt enough any longer and in all honesty I have to admit that I do not think he is the right man to take us forward…
    Perhaps he is still learning but I am not sure he is learning as well as he should from his mistakes and do not think that he is getting the best out of the players that he has.
    He does no appear to have a plan B if plan A is not working. Looking at him on the touchline against Plymouth be looked lost, Connolly and the other coaching staff around him were all making notes then going to him from time to time.
    We need to consolidate at the moment of course but if he makes it through to the end of his contract I think it would be in our best interests if we parted company in the summer instead of extended his rolling contract. It goes without saying that I hope he can turn things around but I am not convinced that he can and in the long-term would not be the right person for us.
    Before it is said my expectations for this season are top 10, so I am not expecting too much from him (or the side) or an instant promotion but do think that we could be getting a little more from what we have and think that ultimately we need to look beyond Whittingham in the long-term as seeing the bigger picture of what next season, and future seasons will also bring have to be considered and I would think fans will drop off if we are not looking to be showing some ambition going forward.
    Pains me to say it but I would have to agree with the writer of the article that I do not think Whittingham is right in the long-term…

  • But he is not saying that .. he thinks Guy should go now .. after the Fleetwood game .. It’s just naive to think a) he would be sacked and b) we could afford an experienced manager .. I’am really surprised at these type of comments when the sole objective for the year is survival .. I would give a toss who was in charge as ling as we finish above third from Bottom

  • Survival first and foremost is the aim but lets be honest about it Chixy would finishing third from bottom really apease the masses?
    We need to try to retain as many of the 10,000+ ST holders that we have as possible and if we remain there or thereabouts that we are would that be enough…
    Chances are even my top 10 aims would not be enough will they?
    I do not think that Whittingham will go during the season but do not think the board will exercise the option of extending next season, and I have to say it would be the right thing to do in all honesty as much as it pains me to say this about someone who is a hero of mine.

  • As I said .. The article didn’t focus on the long term but agreeing that he should say for now .. means you don’t actually agree with the article .. does it not ? .. Also yeah third from bottom would be disappointing for sure .. but I wouldn’t care if we finished outside the top ten … after all we are a team made up of players that nobody else wanted .. think (hope) your words come back to bite you 🙂

  • If I am not convinced that Guy is the right option in the long-term I guess he wouldnt be the right option at the moment but have to remember back to my ‘month ahead’ article, 9pts was the minimum requirement from this month so if we do not get this I would say he should go at the end of the month…
    I genuinely do hope (trust me) that I am left with egg on my face and Guy proves me wrong and the words (not sure if you mean my, on BBB or both?) do come back to bite…

  • BBB’s Rug .. your view is far more thought out and balanced .. and you have stuck by it with vigour 😉

  • I am happy for Guy to be there at the moment. I think that he often gets the tactics wrong. But I am grateful to have these worries after recent times. I’m sure this honeymoon period will end, especially if there is any chance of relegation, but I’m not expecting promotion and just want us to be improving and not getting into debt.

  • I have no idea how can you come at this guy with so much vitriol when a) its his opinion and b) to be honest the piece doesn’t offer enough of an opinion to really lay into. For the record I kind of agree with Benj and very almost put as much in the forum after the Plymouth game but I’m glad I didn’t get time now

  • I just hope that Benj decides to come online to maybe offer up alittle more to their opinion…
    Like I have said in comments above, in all honesty I am not convinced that Whittingham is the right man any longer and think that his connection with us (and what he did last season) is what stops more from saying as much?

  • Good to hear from you Matt, do hope to hear more from you – and if its not agreeing with Whittingham being the right option (or whatever) the opinion is always valid and shouldnt be shot down…
    The more reasoning given the better, but at the end of the day an opinion is an opinion and we are all entitled to them eh!

  • What, one that will allow people to express THEIR opinion 😉
    Like I have said, and have to agree with others, perhaps more views on that opninion could have been given but at the end of the day it is the opinion of the writer involved…
    It is also easy to toe the line isnt it, again I will say that I am sure more are not entirely convinced by Whittingham but are maybe a little too frightened to say as much as it isnt conforming to what should be done?

  • I completely disagree. Yes Pompey’s form has been completely inconsistent this season, but we have a team put together from League 2 level free-agents and loans with a (relative to league 2) low wage level.
    You can look at last season and say that Guy didn’t do well for all of it, but there was a long period of time when he wasn’t able to field the same team twice in a row. When this changed, and the team stabilised, the form improved no end. If we’d had that form all season I’m sure we would have stayed up.
    Yes the performance at York was dire, but Guy has responded to this, not only replacing Sullivan but also improving midfield and defence.
    Guy has shown a lot of loyalty to Pompey. A former player himself, he does appear to have a true affection for the club and these days of rebuilding ourselves as a community club I believe this counts for something. When the likes of Appleton p##’d off to bigger and better things than a struggling Pompey that was facing liquidation, Guy was there for us.
    Also, and this is no small point, I really don’t want the ‘new’ Pompey to be a club that fires its manager every time we hit a bump in the road. Please let’s not be like that. Lets show some support to our managers, backroom staff and executives. After all it took Alex Ferguson a while to get going at ManU, it was rumoured he was one game away from the sack.
    Lets get behind Whittingham – and just show a bit of class.

  • Wow, tracyc how are you?
    Good response, I think we have to move away from this type of ‘what could have been’ attitude to a degree and not keep using that as a reason to be thankful but you know what I came on here to say that you have to sides to every argument and I will be writing something perhaps alittle more rounded on this issue tomorrow

  • Wow, this place is the pits these days. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but sheesh. Blocking this drivel on newsnow. Makes les look good with headlines like these

  • this guy inherited players that no one wanted, appy couldn,t cut it and jumped ship. hats off to whittingham, were doing better than we have in the last couple of years so stop whining, did you expect us to win the league this year, its about survival and building up for the future. give him a budget and he,ll do ok. if we finish in the top half and consolidate we,ll be ok. give the guy a break, no pun intended, were lucky to still be here so get behind the man and stop whinging

  • Maybe benjbadboy is Les in disguise 😉
    As said a few times it would be better if they came online to offer more opinion on what they have written…
    Surely if someone has something less positive to write (ok negative, depending on how you view it) surely they have a right to say it tho – had it been all positive, supportive and Guy is great would that have made it ok?
    In the interests of balancing things out somewhat I have written something myself and will publish that tomorrow when I finish it, off to watch England now.

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