Date: 24th March 2009 at 6:37pm
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Lately we have been hearing about the Greek Tragedy that concerns Pompey and Gekas.

After examining the situation, I can suggest that it was another Adams’ fiasco, and therefore we should add it to the dissertation entitled: ‘Tony Adams, The Collection of Tragedy Dramas’, which were written while he had Pompey under his reigns.

The reason why I am adding this new chapter is because he brought in Gekas instead of Saviola, only because, at least we were given the impression, the Real Madrid’s ‘rabbit’ was not match-fit, and Portsmouth needed someone who can fit in directly. Adams said that Saviola does not know the English game as he hasn’t played it before, and wasn’t ready to take the risk to get him in and embark a negative impact.

So then he opted for Gekas, a Greek who enjoyed his last Bundesliga experience sitting on a cold German subs’ bench watching others playing rather then getting the match practice, the match fitness that has suggested the Portsmouth transfer.

So, the questions are these: ‘Was he, or wasn’t he fit to come in and make a direct impact?’ Why did Adams expect that Gekas can settle in England and Saviola could not have made it?

Well, some might argue that Gekas did make a huge impact, of course he did … making a fool out of himself and trying to disrespect the man who is now preoccupied with Pompey matters, Paul Hart.

Whatever the answers might be, Gekas isn’t any fit to play very soon. This is what it seems like. Is Gekas another Saviola then?

Written by Pompey Malta.

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14 Replies to “Gekas, another Saviola?”

  • good article PompeyMalta, and a good point well made…
    i do not want to start rounding on TA now that he has gone but the whole ‘we only want players that can come in and make a imediate impact’ and ‘players with premier league experience’ nonesense, seems exactly that now, complete nonesense… pele, gekas and to an extent basinas have come in and have they made an instant impact? did any have premier league experience – no!
    for me the truth with saviola and dos santos (who was fit enough for mexico and ipswich but not us) for that matter is that we could not afford the wages, or transfer fees could we, my cynical opinion at the time was that these were big name players that we had no intention of signing but linking to them raised our profile alittle, the handling of the dos santos deal was shocking and must have left other players thinking ‘yea right will i go there to be made to look a fool of’…

  • i think the reason we didn’t get saviola, was becuase he didn’t want to come. Any other excuses were just that. excuses.

  • Gekas will never play in a blue shirt. End of. He doesn’t fit our style of play that well, besides which, if the stories drummed up about him having a paddy are to be believed, I don’t think I could cope with another ‘poison dwarf’ on our hands.

    Best to ship him back to Greece, cut our losses nd admit it was a mistake.

    I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that Adams selected Gekas after he saw a 3 minute video of him in action. No scouts. No trials. Nothing.

  • I wrote sometime ago that no Greek had ever scored for Pompey. Obviously Paul Hart read that and banished the two Greeks to the corner where they just sit and chat together ignoring all around them.

  • I maintain my belief that none of the winter signings had anything to do with Adams. As Rug says, the winter window was all about smoke and mirrors, and when you think about Pompey and Smoke & Mirrors, who’s the first person who comes to mind? Exactly.

  • Who’s to blame for signing him isn’t important. Whats important is that Gekas is here and what to do with him. His attitude stinks. At the best of times, if you want to pull on a Pompey shirt, then you have to have commitment and passion and the desire to work hard and ‘die’ for the cause. Now isn’t the best of times, we’re in a relegation scrap and we need (and thankfully have) that commitment from our players all the more than ever. There’s no place for this spoiled idiot who refuses to prove himself. The likes of Nugent and Davis have spent ages in the reserves, proving themselves and now have well-deserved places in the first team because they give their all. Apparently Hart offered to drive to Stoke to watch him play in the reserves, because he needs to see him play. Gekas’s response was ‘watch my DVD’. Send him home. As for the Greek national manager trying to tell the Pompey manager who to pick in his first team – there’s only one response to that, and the second word is ‘off’.

  • I dont think Storrie does a bad job. He has had to contenc to Milan v redknapp, Redknapp v FA, Post redknapp Era 1, and Post Redknapp era 2, SPoilt brats like Defoe, qand gekas, and try to keep Pompey afloat by balancing books, while appeizing fans that dont always give anyone a fair crack before slating them. Dont get me wrong the majority of Fans do have patience, but of the vocal fans, the majority only see doom and gloom at every hurdle, every corner, every cross roads. What will be, will be, and we will be there regardless, so anistead of looking for someone to blame, and someone to slate, we should just revel in the good times, and lick our wounds in the bad, There is no need to point fingers and blame, the media do a good enough job of that without any need for Pompey fans to fan their flames. Sorry, Rant over 🙂 PuP

  • Yes, I was referring to Peter Storrie. I wasn’t necessarily implying that he does a bad job, or even that it would be better for him not to do the “smoke and mirrors” thing. I can certainly see how the kind of names he wants us associated with might help to sell the club, and I don’t blame him for doing that. I do think it’s important whether it was him or Adams though, because if it was PS, it can and will happen again. As much as I accept that these kind of games are part of the game, and that it might be good for the club in some senses, I do fear that he’s so concerned with who we should be associated with that he takes his eye off the ball when it comes to who we actually end up signing. Gekas, quite possibly, being a case in point. Having said that, I think PS was too hands off with Jamie’s Dad and let him get away with some ill-advised transfers so it is possible that it was Adams who picked them. I just don’t think so. The Greek connections are old. I think Adams basically got asked to rubber stamp transfers arranged by PS and Sacha. And that isn’t a good thing. Just ask KK about Newcastle.

  • Malta, we are never going to know the goings on that led to Gekas ending up at Pompey. He’s here now and looks like sitting out his time doing nothing. Mores the pity, because I would have liked to have seen the guy play. Still, that aint gonna happen now he’s upset Hart. A crazy state of affairs…I wish I could get layed off and pocket a few grand a week for doing bugger all.

  • Hello Pompey Malta. I’ll over in July for 3 weeks. My mother is Maltese & with my English father now live out there. We must have a beer!

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