Date: 3rd April 2009 at 10:09am
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That is quite literally the case, in as much as the KC will be greeted by a full house of both travelling Pompey fans and a full sell out for the home side, but the full house I refer to for Paul Hart is the full house of players he can select from!

Apart from those that were already injured, after the international break we have no fresh injury concerns and Jermaine Pennant is back, which is another plus for us.

So, this is how we lined up last time…

I would not expect many changes, the unfortunate man to drop out will probably be Younes Kaboul as Glen Johnson will most likely revert back to his best position at right back with Pennant, who as I have said before has worked well with the England man, coming back in.

For me, this is how we will line up tomorrow…

I would love to see young Pele on the bench, with it ‘possibly’ a toss up between him and Angelos Basinas, as although of course technically Richard Hughes does not have the ability the Greek does he offers qualities we will look to – so do we need both of these players? So, I think I would go for Pele on the bench ahead of the Greek captain…

Another ‘sneaky’ feeling I have is that Theo Gekas might find his way onto the bench – again we have come out and said he has a part to play, international appearances and a goal this week would have helped so if we have him we might as well use him.

Like Owenspompey said, he might have been outspoken but it is better to be outspoken ‘wanting’ to play! Too many others that are not, or where not before leaving, and were/still are happy to just get the money – so that fine line between confidence and arrogance might have been the line the striker was treading, and maybe not quite as much in the arrogance stakes as some might have thought. He is hungry to play, is that really a bad thing!


Eriksson sacked

As I am sure we all know now, and many of us have discussed this at great lengths in the forums, Sven Goran Eriksson has been sacked by Mexico. I could not let this pass without mentioning something on the front pages could I, so here goes…

Everything about us at the moment says ‘he cannot and will not come here’ but Chix remains convinced, maybe I am foolish to cling to this but this is what is keeping me just about clinging onto this thread! Could his appointment be the catalyst to a new owner coming in – he is a big fish, who has a lot of contacts so could some of these be the ones that took over, so would appointing him be ideal to get us sold? Would they, or he, come in for the right reasons though – is this a risk we cannot afford to take?

Then again ‘if’ we seriously were that interested in getting him back along when he was in charge of Mexico, but the ‘compensation payout’ put us off, without this now needed what should be any different? Or was he just a ‘big fish’ that we were ‘linking’ ourselves to with no real intention of ever seriously appointing him – as I say, all things, bar the appointment of Brian Kidd, point towards no deal.

Well, ‘if’ we wanted him we now have the chance to get him, assuming he would have even came here anyway – so lets see what we do.

Whatever though, for me we carry on as we are until the end of the season. Paul Hart was, and has been, good enough for us until now so I feel we should honour the arrangement we have and keep him until the summer, then we ought to let him go back to his day job. We ‘will’ stay up so lets just carry on as we are – more upheaval, even if unlikely, is not something we need at this stage is it.

Again that ‘if’ factor, but if Eriksson seriously wanted to come here, and we seriously wanted him – which seems highly unlikely to happen – then he would wait another couple of months, have some time off and spend some of his ‘hard earned’ cash and then come in. Something tells me though that as the Swede is not exactly ‘honourable’, so even ‘if’ we were to ‘shake hands on something’ if something else came along he would have no qualms about going elsewhere…


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