Date: 30th November 2011 at 10:22am
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Another ‘new dawn’ under CSI was meant to come, but like so many before them – an amount that you almost cannot keep track with, especially in the past 2-3-years – this has proven another false dawn for Portsmouth Football Club, the staff, the coaching and management, the city of Portsmouth and of course us the fans…

Do these people not realise what they are doing to all, do they even care?

It seems that you have to have a shady background to run this club, and one half of the ownership at least has not let us down with a fraud charge, which could bring him 10-years imprisonment, a prospect that Vladimir Antonov faces!

CSI pretty much are no more as they moved into administration this week, although it is said that first steps to this actually came last week – on, or around, the same time that we were being told it was ‘business as usual.’

What a crock of, well you know what!

The ironic thing is that such a statement is not far from the truth is it as we are now faced with a situation again that pretty much is ‘the norm’…

Finally we have found a ‘catchphrase’ to replace Storrieteller’s ‘we will take you to another level’, the ‘business as usual’ line rolls off the tongue easier too!

Lets face it the warning signs were very much there when CSI first came in.

Although it was hoped that these reservations a number shared would be proven wrong, and as such a large number of us started to think that we could invest our trust in the owners again…

Alas, once again this football club has been massively let down by those that promised they would not and this could, maybe not in the ‘short-term’ but most definitely in the ‘medium-long-term’ leave us teetering on the brink once more.

So, business as usual then!

It is not just CSI that have let us down, and I have little doubt that a decent number of people within the CSI make-up have been let down too, but the football league once more have made fundamental mistakes, errors that surely they should not be making and ‘supposedly’ after they had implemented new measures to ensure they would not?

Well, they have cocked up here so lets see them hold their hands up to this one and acknowledge their shortcomings eh!

CSI genuinely did ‘appear’ to be making some steps forward with some good moves being made but ultimately they have failed us, let us down and threatened our very existence like a long line of previous owners over the years.

As fed up with the whole situation as I am, and as much as I must confess a large part of me cannot help but think maybe it would be better if it just all ended now and we started a fresh, because that almost seems to be the only way I can see us ridding ourselves of all the evil that has poisoned the club, fight on we will!

This is Portsmouth Football Club we are talking about and we will not roll over and we will not give up, as disheartening as things have become once again, and they very well could become even more disillusioning in the New Year, and as easy as it could be to become apathetic we will do, even if it is hard to muster that energy and enthusiasm to do so, what Pompey fans do best…

Fight on and do our best to support and help this club!


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