Date: 1st September 2009 at 3:42pm
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PompeyFCUK says that Peter Storrie has told him via email that David James is not moving on and he wants to stay.

If anyone is sweating over the future of David James, really I wouldn’t worry.

Got an email from Peter Storrie, stating that they have no bids from Tottenham or anyone, and he wants to stay!

Sooo no worries people! 🙂


Written by PompeyFCUK.

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24 Replies to “Don’t worry about Jamo…”

  • Nice one ***** .. but I’m still worried about the angrily way he sped away from the training ground (as shown on Sky Sports).. Maybe we haven’t had an offer and maybe he is staying but he didn’t seem like a bloke who wanted to stay around.. but maybe he was just hacked off with the press

  • Ah well, if I could speak to him I would tell him it is for the best. He needs to play this year, and had he gone to Spurs, the moment Gomes was well enough, Jamo would have been on the bench.

  • Really hope your right Rug. The press have been absolutely doing my head in with saying there have been no bids for James, so fu**ing what!!! Lot’s of players have had no bids for them but they’re not going on about them. It’s all about unsettling players. I think the press has a problem because as an England international he is ‘too good’ for pompey, even though Jamo, Crouch, Defoe and Johnson all got back playing for england whilst with???? Hmmmmm let me think PORTSMOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.s Bring back Benji.

  • not my work – i am just the messenger… yep, when the transfer window has been and gone and it is confirmed he is staying i will be happy and believe it.

  • Send James upto Kilmarnock to teach him not to try to make behind the scene deals with the twitchy devil, and it might even make him feel better about playing behind our defence

  • it would be nice to hear jamo say something – well he has had all weekend but hasnt, which has alway been my concern…54 minutes to go and still no word.

  • OutrightsDavid James Club after Summer Transfer Window – By End Of Summer Trans Wind
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    Good bank interest there!!!!

    put down a 1000 to win back 1200!!! nice

  • There is definately something odd about the David James situation.. You are right Rug we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but I definately smell something fishy with this one..

  • I can’t believe how SSN are making a headline out of a non-story. It’s like their saying ‘come on quick, you haven’t signed James yet’. There must be hundreds of footballers whose clubs haven’t received bids for them, its ridiculous. I think its all media spin and always was.

  • Completely agree with you Tracy .. there’s only 17 minutes left to go and they are still talking about it .. Media hype (to some extent) I reckon.. although.. Never trust Mr Barebones

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