Date: 30th December 2007 at 11:23am
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Sorry to seem so harsh with the title but before the game with Boro I said that I would be absolutely astounded if Gary O’Neil was not shown complete and utter respect – he received a great ovation before the game but at the same time I said I would be disgusted with any ‘fans’ that did not give him the respect that he deserved…

And the reaction he received from some when he was booed as he came off late on for Boro was something that I could not believe and really left a sour taste in my throat – well even more after such a performance and a defeat.

Thankfully these boos soon made way for great applause, but the ‘damage’ had already been done.

How anyone could boo O’Neil after the service he gave this club over the years is beyond me, there has not been a player that has given more effort or commitment to this club for a very, very long time. He gave his all for Pompey and it was not his decision to leave, he was left with no choice.

Those ‘fans’ that booed him need to take a long hard look at themselves, and you have to ask ‘what sort of fans are these?’ Just a speculative thought but perhaps they are a ‘new breed’ of fan that had never appreciated what the fella meant and gave to the club – but even then this does not excuse their actions and they should be ashamed of themselves and they have, as I have said disgusted me and no doubt hundreds of thousands, probably millions of other Pompey fans.

Whilst I am having ‘somewhat of a rant’ I may as well carry on and go onto something else that has ‘wound me up’ about yesterday, again other than the performance and a defeat to a side that should never have beaten us.

Word has filtered through that some people are calling for Harry Redknapp’s head, claiming ‘he has taken us as far as he can’. Again an incredible thought!

Yep, the fella can do my head in no end at times with his often refusal to see what appears to be right in front of his face and sometimes beyond stubborn refusal to take some people out of a side and put others in – but he is the gaffer. His frequent ‘things are as they are because of me’ thoughts gripe on me but to be calling for his head… please!

How quickly people forget, yep he has got to get out of this mindset that he does have – the ‘we’re openly Portsmouth’ – but surely this is just a ‘public performance’ and this is not shared in private, but a run of 3 defeats in 4 games goes nowhere near to justify replacing him, or even contemplating wanting to replace him. Again just a speculative thought but I again find myself asking the question who are these fans asking for such things?

On second thoughts perhaps we should replace him, we have such great replacements waiting in the wings, we could always call Alain Perrin back, and some ‘fantastic’ manager are currently unemployed including Lawrie Sanchez, Sammy Lee and of course Spineless Steve, yep lets make a change a give one of these fellas the chance to ‘take us to the next level’ as they clearly could…

Yesterday – okay probably the past few weeks – have not been good days, but lets put things into perspective hey, and lets not ever have to hear the kind of sounds that we did when a Pompey icon returns to Fratton in the future again.


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