Date: 25th February 2009 at 3:48pm
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So, we have some 15 players out of contract in the summer (or seeing their loans with Pompey end) it is almost time to decide who deserves a new contract and who does not deserve the drippings from my nose, well ours noses!

I was going to look at them all together, but I think I will do them one at a time… Simple question, and as the bearded one would say, ‘deal or no deal?’


He has never been the player he was at Arsenal since he came here – injury effectively ended his career and he has more often than not been a passenger here. You have to think that ‘had’ he been the player he was Arsene Wenger would not have allowed him to leave in the first place. For a former Arsenal teammate, in our most recent manager, not to have selected him suggested that the Cameroonian is all but washed up.

For his outburst alone he should not even be at the club now, and I would say we were surely within our rights to have terminated his contract following his ‘thoughts’ shared with the media around Christmas time…

The fact that we did not and the fact that he is also probably on ‘decent wages’, to say the least, played as much as anything with his decision to stay with Pompey until the summer ‘for family reasons’ I suspect!

Deal or no deal? No deal.

Not up to the job anymore and is picking up wages he does not earn and should not be getting – of course this is the clubs fault for giving it to him, and for so long. With the long-term injury he had before we signed him we should never have signed him on what, a 2-and-a-half-year contract…

For me, we should have already told him to pack his bags and sod off!

These are my thoughts, what about yours? As always please share them below…


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