Date: 23rd March 2009 at 9:25am
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So, we have some 15 players out of contract in the summer (or seeing their loans with Pompey end) it is almost time to decide who deserves a new contract and who does not deserve the drippings from my nose, well ours noses!

I was going to look at them all together, but I think I will do them one at a time… Simple question, and as the bearded one would say, ‘deal or no deal?’


I still say that it was not him that won us the FA cup, yep it was his goal that got us into the final and also won it – but it was a team effort, and to say that he won us the cup is like saying it was Jamie’s Dads cup, it was Portsmouth Football Club’s cup, a team effort.

Anyway, off point really, where was I? Oh yea, the guy has been a top class footballer, he has offered the game so much, but the key word I think you need to look at is the fact that I keep saying ‘has’ with what I do say.

Off the bench he can still do a job this season, and he has, again against Everton he showed this and had he been used at Boro I think we would be all but safe by now, but hey ho! I think that he has had the last deal he could and should get from the club – to be honest I make no secret of the fact that I think he should have gone after the cup final, but could understand to a degree why he got his deal but we are not a charity case!

He has got to be on around £40,000, maybe more, a week as well so another big earner that I think we need to get off the wage bill, especially when you think about what he will actually offer us for what we give him.

‘Reports’ at the weekend claim Middle East interest, so it will either be that or Australia for me, and good luck to the guy.

Deal or no deal? No deal.

I thank him for what he has done here, but we have helped him too, so lets not forget that fact – we rescued him from the football scrap heap did we not?

We have both had our benefits, time for the waves to part amicably.

These are my thoughts, what about yours? As always please share them below…


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