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Who scored a hat trick in Pompey’s record league victory? Nice question from Owenspompey.

Pompey’s record victory came in the 1926/27 promotion season when they beat Notts County 9-1 at Fratton Park in front of just 14,000. That I knew but I guessed the hat trick was scored ‘Farmer Boy’ Billy Haines and having checked the record books I was right (my wife is my witness to that). Haines scored 40 goals that season including five hat tricks. Those goals were crucial as Pompey were promoted on Goal Average just piping Manchester City for the second promotion place.

Goal average preceded the current goal difference and was calculated by dividing goals scored by goals conceded – in effect giving the number scored for every one let in. The famous story is that on the last day of the season Pompey kicked off 15 minutes after City who were playing relegated Bradford City while Pompey faced sixth placed Preston. When the news came through that City had won Pompey were leading 4-1 but with pencil and paper it was worked out (no calculators of course) that City would be promoted by 0.15 of a goal. The word was put out to Haines that a goal was needed, he duly obliged with his fourth of the match and Pompey were up by just 0.005 of a goal – the narrowest ever margin.

With that Pompey became the quickest club to be promoted from non-league to the First Division. They struggled for a couple of seasons finishing 20th in each before pushing on to greater things – now does that ring a bell.

Back to the Notts County game the other goals were scored by Jim Mackie (2), Fred Cook (2), Fred Forward and Reg Davies. That was a good season as we beat Southampton three times, twice in the league and in the Hants Cup Final.

People ask where Billy Haines got his nickname the Farmer Boy from? I always assume that as he came from Frome in Somerset he was the son of a farmer.

Written by eastneydave.

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16 Replies to “Challenge Dave #2”

  • again dave fantastic reading – great stuff… the man is a true legend, so if anyone else had any questions to try and stump dave with simply email me and see if you can beat the master!

  • The “Farmers boy” nickname did indeed come from his birthplace, he was meant to have sounded like one of the Wurzels!

  • Bumpkin was the word I was going to use but thought better of it. I am having a few days off before the next challenge. Lurex suit at cleaners ;-).

  • I didn’t realise the Wurzuls were that old Paul 🙂
    Dave – Once again brilliant – This site is so lucky to have you and your knowledge.
    I had heard of the story about Man City and goal difference but I didn’t know the facts or the background – Can you imagine being at that match – Nervous or what ….. or come to think of it being a Man City fan!
    As for the rest of it.. Billy Haines must’ve been some player – Five hattricks in one season – If only we had a striker that ….. no not going there ! 9-1 as well It must’ve been one hell of an exciting year ..

  • It probably was an exciting afternoon BUT there was no radio in hand and probably not even a public address system. So how did the crowd get to know? In recent times we have had so many nervous moments because of rumours spreading around the terraces. Who could ever forget Northampton May 1980 when the rumours and counter whispers filtered round the ground. Groups of fans would become delirious following a score from Walsall, Peterboro etc most of which were untrue.

  • Yes on the day I have to write about record scores this happens – rewriting the Premier League record books – coincidence?

  • Not only a genius, but you could be a clairvoyant, you could be Pompeys answer to Derek Acorah, keep at it mate,what a game yesterday we seem to have solved our goalscoring crisis dont we!!

  • i know it is only one match so im not getting overly carried away, but tbh if ‘arry is going to persist with the lone striker – which providing it does the trick as it has the past few games i can handle – if he does sign a new striker in january then we will lose someone as he cannot keep them all…

  • I’m no Derek Acorah he is a fake isn’t he. I’m the real thing, not a medium but a Pompey fan!! But I think Owens asked the question about record scores so he is the medium.

  • You are the real thing Dave, i just hinted at your phsycic ability, record score then lo and behold we break a record.
    I would be happy to be a medium as opposed to an XL !!
    Fulham next then Dave memories of the 4-4 at Fratton again, refresh our memory of that game.

  • I too would be happy to get down from an XL or even XXL!! I will do an article on the 4-4 before Sunday’s game. It is you that was Phsycic or a fantastic coincidence. Bet you enjoyed the trip home.

  • Chix emailed me and said and i quote ‘and I bet you are delighting in Spurs getting trounced too, 4-1 down as I speak and still twenty minutes to go’… i was delighted… until i looked on the bbc website to find they drew 4-4! i like the football spurs play and think martin jol is fantastic but i just cannot stick their fans…

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