Date: 18th January 2012 at 11:09am
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An article from Pompeytim looking at the Joseph Cala situation, with it seemingly likely that he will now take over – read on for more and then vote.

Pompeytim has come up with a poll, the voting can take place to your right, but look at this summary before you do vote…

Quick question for you:

Given what you have heard of Mr Cala “The Man from Atlantis”, would you prefer to see what he can do with the club, or would you prefer to think the unthinkable and let the club die & start again?

Some might argue that it is always best for the club to carry on, regardless of whether there are further problems and embarrassing moments around the corner.

Others might argue that if Pompey were a dog, the kindest thing to do would be to put it down.

What do you think?

Cala to own the club, no matter what may happen under his reign?
The club to fold & we start again. I’m fed up with this situation?

Written by Pompeytim.

Share your views on Tim’s thoughts below with your comments and also vote on the poll to your right…

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16 Replies to “Cala or Bust?”

  • got to say that my initial feelings with cala are, and have been since he ‘submerged’ are that we are proper *****ed if he took over… i also cannot help but think that this almost says we are beyond saving??
    can anyone really say that they do not think we will not be back in this same position in 6-12-months tops, if not less time, under his ownership?

    the only hope i seem to think that we have is that he is the front man for someone else, but could they not have had someone a little more ‘credible’ than him if that were the case…

  • we’d be lucky to last 11 days Rug…. yup sorry but if that was our only choice it’d be bust every time for me, this buffoon couldn’t organise a pi$$ up in a brewery. Lucky he’s not even in the running then really (if he is i’ll eat my hat)

  • Rug, the front page foreword scared me to death “An article from Pompeytim looking at the Joseph Cala situation, with it seemingly likely that he will now take over” but it says nothing about a Cala takeover – just our thoughts if that were to be the case. Stop scarifying please, pretty please.

  • My thoughts are that I don’t want Cala but ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and all that. If we’re going to go bust what’s the harm in delaying it by a few weeks? Go out in style 😉

  • The poll doesn’t seem to offer much of a choice – is this REALLY all we have left?
    Die slowly or die fast? Die drowning or die by being shot?
    Folding is not a preferred option but i am ***** scared after reading about the Cala bloke. Managed 11 days at Salernitana, that’s a quick change even by our standards

  • I think the man is a little nutty .. but if he is good enough for Admin Andy and the Football Leagues limited resources then he is good enough for me .. my only hope is that ‘If’ he takes over he is not automativally driven away by ‘so called’ Pompey fans wjo want to see him fail.. and will be determined to make that happen.. IF he takes over .. we should be cynical perhaps .. but not mob handed in agression on matters we (in honesty) know very little about …

  • If he is the man who ‘gets the gig’ he will have his chance regardless of whether i want him or not
    This poll is asking for our opinions BEFORE we find out what us happening
    I don’t like the options listed – doesn’t mean i will be hoping Cala fails if he comes in

  • I think I’m with Chix on this one.

    Can’t say he’s my choice, but do we have one.

    But Fold & Start again? are you having a laugh !? If we fold, who honestly thinks that PFC Phoenix will rise from the ashes? Sure, we might end up with a team like Gosport Borough, sharing Moneyfields ground if we’re lucky, but frankly, that is where my interest would end…….I may listen in on the radio out of interest, but please, let’s be honest with ourselves !!

    PUP and lets hope the FA and AA have done a decent job

    Still, this could all still be a smokescreen 🙂

  • It has to be ‘Carla no matter what’. The other option may seem interesting in the light of AFC Wimbledon but I lived in Romford when I was young . . . . . One minute, the best team outside the football league, the next, playing over the local park in the Hodgkinson’s Matt Varnish Premier South; division 5 – and still are. Anyway, we are Pompey and we have a tradition to keep up. What would people say if we didn’t appoint a barking mad foreigner with big ideas, no money, huge debts and a pitiful financial history. Imagine the next ‘New Pompey Ground Plans’; in the harbour – literally – with a transparent roof – when we’re bored we can watch the sea life swimming through prams and shopping trolleys. Happy days!

  • The club I used to love..’Pompey’ is now saddled with criminality, dodgy dealings, unpaid debts, accused of buying the FA Cup.. I would REALLY prefer it if we went out and started again..aka Wimbledon…and earned respect again.. Which leads me to ask..who owns the ground if we went bust?

  • I have voted for ‘fold and start again’ but I don’t really mean it. I feel panicky about Cala, but if he is to take over, then we have to hope for the best at the end of the day. I do wonder though if Plan B isn’t inevitable in the end.

  • How true I don’t know but it has been reported that he was once involved with Italian club but left when wages weren’t paid 6 weeks later.

    I don’t envy you one iota and hope you can find a proper owner.

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