Date: 25th January 2012 at 5:43pm
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An article from Pompeytim, taken from a forum post. As he said, about the official statement last night, ‘one thought gave me some comfort: Chainrai’ – read on for more.

A dear friend of mine text me yesterday evening saying “Beginning of the end this time surely??”

I think he’s right.

However, reflecting on Lampitt’s club statement of yesterday evening, one thought gave me some comfort: Chainrai. Not because he is a good chap, but rather because he stands to lose a shed load if it folds.

The question for him must be: How much more do I have to put in to bag that Parachute money? He can’t hope for a buyer to come & pay him everything. I think it is a salvage job for him. In doing so he may therefore prolong PFC’s life for a bit longer?


Written by Pompeytim and initially posted in the forum – here.

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13 Replies to “A crumb of comfort?”

  • as said in the forum thread…
    brinkmanship again is in play here i am sure, infact i have little doubt about it but i really do believe that we are seriously on the brink this time and something needs to give…
    agreed that chainrai, who has the most to lose, needs to decide if he wants something of something or nothing of nothing i guess. get liquidated and he can kiss goodbye to get much of a return back, pump in a little more and he can at least reclaim some.
    problem is the more he is owed the harder it is to sell the club, the more of our few remaining ‘assets’ that we have left that are sold the harder still it becomes – some would argue ‘debt is less’ if we do this but its the massively overpaid players that will constantly disrupt the bank balance so ‘selling the jewells’ will only keep the wolves away from the door for a little longer. if only the high earners could somehow be moved on eh, at least it gives us a slightly better chance, in what is already appearing a slim hope anyway…

  • Yes – to get any money back he must sell now or keep the club going until it can be sold at a later date. It appears he can’t take money out of the club any other way, so will he make an offer to HMRC? PUP.

  • It is the only crumb of comfort, the last defiant act, yes, I hope both he and the money launderer take the hit, its the only thing to hurt them, as they cannot be touched, even by the HMCR! I hope the loss makes their eyes water!!

  • Whether it is a case of ‘speculate to accumulate’ or ‘throw good money after bad’ .. he must have a point in mind where enough is enough… I hope for us that it isn’t soon. Mind you he’d be better served patching things up with Gaydamak so the land around Fratton gets released and the Team, Club and Land can be sold to one party and all the crap which complicates a sale is gone forever

  • I still don’t get what people like terraceman have against Chan – I can only assume its cos he has more money than you. He hasn’t done anything out of order, wrong or illegal ; yet he still faces cheap shot numpty criticism- amazing.

  • The other issue is who is going to take TBH or the overpaid underachieving Mok… or the non scoring Kitson – although I understand bids are being prepared for him.

  • As I said in the forum if BC does dig in his pockets and save us – for a third time – then we’re lucky CSI didn’t buy him out. And why is somebody saying he wants to make a profit out of us? All he’s wanted all along is the £15m, or so, he put in the first time to bail out Al Mirage.

  • Chanrai is a good man, who has always done right by us. Agreed, it was in his own interests to do so, but that’s in our favour if its going to be in his interests to help us again he just may do. But I do think that because of Brinkmanship, if he does dip back into his pocket and rescue us again, it will be right at the last minute! At least we do have some hope.

  • You have to ask yourself why Chanrai got involved in the first place – what was in it for a man who has no interest in football – he said this. That is why I asked the question about him closing down the Israeli football club – is this just a rumour- just what is his game? Another thing that was on the internet> He goes around closing down businesses once held by the Gaydamaks? Its a strange world and he certainly didnt keep us going for our benefit I saw him suffer a “severe talking to” outside wembly by a very irate man – Russell, I dont mind who has got more money than me, there are plenty of them around believe me! I am not going to get answers as to how our club was used as a sketchleys outlet without any interference from the authorities – thats what rankles.

  • If I were Chanrai I would hold out giving PFC any money until after the transfer window closes and after money is still needed. If we sell players then Chanrai ‘might’ not have pay out anything

  • I’ve always said that Chanrai has to keep us alive, even if we are slowly slipping into a coma. Otherwise he loses a lot but of course we will lose a lot more!!!

  • The only answer that I see is that I think that Chanrai has possibly been done by Gaydamak..
    Maybe the Fake Sheik was indeed a Gaydamak (remember it was Arkady’s boys who came in Mark Jacobs and the asset stripping convicted fraudster from Israel (I forget his name)..and it was this shadow company that borrowed £17ml from Portpin using Peter Storrie as stooge-the exact amoubt awarded to BC by an Israeli court against Arkady..
    I think now it is AG who is pulling strings and hurting BC financially as a revenge…but we are unfortunately in the middle/collatoral damage. If this thought is true, it means BC was not too prudent in his checking out of Al mirage (maybe he employed the same company to check him as the FA on their FAPPT.) in the first place, and i do not think BC is a fool by a long shot…I liked him last time and had some sympathy for him..this time i am not too sure.
    I do think that something will be done to meet the tax bill, and we will have new owners soon, but we will probably get the points deduction and have to sell the players we want to keep, and have to keep the players we want to sell..
    it would be good if new contracts could be negotiated, but that will not happen for sure.
    My real dream would be for the russian government arrest gaydamak discover he has embezzled millions from PFC and return them…yeh right call for the white coats now

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