Date: 13th November 2009 at 4:49pm
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I do not care what people think of Paul Hart, as a person, a manager or his footballing tactics – we all have our opinions on this, some most of us would share, others we might not – but you cannot deny the fact that the guy is working under conditions that PLENTY of others just could not, or would not tolerate!

It seems to be that it is one thing after another, there almost always seems to be something lurking around the corner – and, for me, the fact that things are so ‘quiet’ at the moment concerns me that something else could crop up at anytime now, I would just hope it is a ‘good something’ cropping up, but this is Pompey we are talking about…

He has seen player after player leave for mega bucks, with very little shown to him – I do wonder where this is going to be honest! He has had to beg, borrow or steal ‘strays’ from wherever he could, fend off the media with the same questions repeatedly and seemingly has also had things ‘hidden’ from him, such as the transfer embargo.

To top this all off this week he has again spoken about his new year ‘budget’, with him not knowing what this will be, or if he will even have one to play with! Although until this poxy embargo is lifted we are screwed anyway…

The thing that is most surprising, well I would guess shocking or appalling, of all is that fact that he, the manager of Portsmouth Football Club, STILL has not had a face-to-face meeting with the clubs owner Ali Al Faraj!

Although he is ‘told’ this will happen before the end of November and a ‘strategy’ for January will be worked out.

Will this meeting come though?

Were we also not told that the ‘transfer embargo’ situation would be sorted out by the end of the week, with this a couple of weeks back – although I guess we were not told which week… Then again we were not told it had been put in place, so will we be told ‘if/when’ it is lifted again?

In all honesty I could throttle Hart sometimes as I do think that the guy gets tactics wrong at times, and maybe these have cost us points this season, but what I cannot, and will not let anyone fault, is the commitment that he has to the club and has shown us. So, this is something I always come back to thinking about when I ‘moan’ about him and the job he is doing.

Lets face it the guy is not a ‘youngster’ so does he really need this at this stage of his life?

Although the cynical ‘might’ say he will get fat pay-off, so long as he does not walk away – he might get this paid over several years knowing us, but hey ho…Anyway, cynicism aside, can this really be doing his health any good? It does my health no good most the time and I must be half his age!

In a day and age of prima donnas galore, I guess the ‘old school’ nature of Hart is helping to see him through, but can we really point to many that would have tolerated things for this long? Inexperienced managers would have broken long ago, as would some vastly experienced ones – well, if they had not ‘run off’ somewhere else…

I would suggest there are VERY few mangers that would continue to work under the conditions that he has had to, and seemingly will continue to have to for the foreseeable future, and for that – and to get a side as united as it is – the guy deserves a bloody medal!

Assuming he does last the season, and lets say he does and lets also say he keeps us up, could there really be any other manager that could be named as the manager of the year?


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