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Owenspompey’s thoughts on his own worst Pompey 11 – plus sub.

Travelling the world with Pompey, well England, Scotland and Wales, plus the Channel Islands and Italy!! I have argued and debated with my fellow travellers who are the worst players to wear the shirt of our beloved Pompey.

Players who came with big reputations (Baird), those who came with big fees and egos (Maguire) and the players who made the short journey up the M27. These players are my selection for the worst in over 30 years.

Hopefully this will start a debate and we can collate the results to find out which in our opinions is the worst team.

What a load of rubbish they are, and we have paid their wages and spent long nights travelling back after watching these players underachieve and let us down.

Whilst it may not always have been their fault maybe the manager/s should take some of the blame, however we have to face facts some players just did not do it for us.

At last we seem to have got it right, but you never know there could be another one just around the corner.

Here is my selection

1. Andy Gosney – waited and waited then delivered nothing
2. Kenny Swain – could not tackle, lacked passion
3. Archie Styles – Everton before Pompey unbelievable!!
4. Gavin Maguire – Come on lads do I need to explain?
5. Trevor Roberts – Big hair, small talent
6. Malcolm Waldron – Always injured
7. Dave Bamber – Absolute rubbish
8. Mick Channon – Thought it was all fun
9. Ian Baird – Did not care and it showed!!
10. Paul Gilchrist – Career was over so go to Pompey
11. Ricardo Fuller – Bad buy as he continues to prove

12. Keith James – Keith who? England youth player with the ‘Legend’.

So there it is hope you give your opinion this is mine. Play up Pompey.

By Owenspompey


24 Replies to “Worst Pompey 11”

  • some months ago i produced an article on who i thought was the worst ever player i had personally viewed in a pompey shirt – chalkias was my tip, so i would put him ahead of gosney i would also very much think i would have andy thomson and boris zivkovic in there… my own personal reference – by that i mean personally having seen them play – does not really cover too many of the names in question here, as i moved away from pompey as a kid and could only afford to start travelling to games about 10 yrs ago, but hopefully others will shed more light on their own personal accounts of these names. tbh i feel it would be unfair for me to comment too much on them due to reasons i mention… come on fellas we love a good debate dont we? lets have one here…

  • There must have been some dodgy players in the last 10 years, OP, let me think . . .

  • Don’t agree with Maguire as one of the worst, he was tough with a bit of flair and an eye for a pass. Also a bit harsh on Kenny Swain. Think more Robbie Pathetic, Mark Stimson, Vukic, Carl Tiler, Chalkias, That lairy welsh nob from Wimbledon. Hmmmn, sure there must be more….

  • Close one for me between Chalkias and Mornar. I think Chalkias just edges it as I could not believe the front of the man when he came over to the Fratton End after our first win at home with him in goal – he practically demanded we applauded him but the majority of us just laughed at him instead.

    I’m not sure I agree with Zivkovic or Thomson, but I certainly would agree with Tiler and may even add Quashie as the worst shot we’ve ever had!

  • Carl Tiler, Aid Whitbread & my pet hate Kevin Harper. Thinking of anymore just reminds me of too many horrible years.

  • I actually liked Kevin Harper; for all he had to put up with from the stands, he still came out and gave 100%. He was excellent going forward and he scored a couple of cracking goals – including that superb curler form the edge of the area at Watford in our Championship season.

  • Charlie Chalkias was bad,but surely not as calamitous as Yoshi Kannotcatchee. I cringed every time the ball came near our penalty area. i guess conceding a goal after 27 seconds of his debut was a fair indication of what to expect. Nice guy,but completely useless. There are unfortunately too many contenders for me to pick one outfield player,although Courtney Pitt,Billy Eames,Bobby McGuinness and Ian Baird were all players that I would have been quite happy to have never seen in a Pompey shirt.

  • Where is Scott McGarvey? The biggest pileo*****e to ever where blue, agree with lick and poke about Maguire and Swain, Eamonn Collins and Tiler both get in ahead of those two.

  • There was the rumour about us picking McGarvey ahead of another young Man U reserve team striker called Mark Hughes!
    Any abuse for Kevin harper from the stands, I take the blame. Yes the odd good goal but bugger all else. He was a good reason why we were crap & if we kept his type we still would be.

  • i couldn’t stand thomson thought he was shocking, wasn’t a big fan of whitbread either but altho not great didnt think pethik was the worst player in the world. zivkovic was such a let down for me after the player i had seen for years before he arrived – what a pansy he was, shurking challenge after challenge… i have mixed opinions on harper, quite liked him but did not like him as a person… chalkias and yoshi were both bad but chalkias wins that battle easily…

  • I remember the hughes rumour, the reason was supposed to be that mcgarvey had an u21 cap for the jocks!

  • harper was alrite we could do with him now a attacking right winger, as for the rest only yoshi and chalkias stand out as they really did make so many blunders and it cost us alot of points, as for viafara and tiler and vikovic they where all poor buys from the manager althought zikovic should have been a sound deal he had no english experiance

  • i dont agree that viafara was a poor buy, i was quite excited by his arrival and he certainly talked the talk – even if it wasn’t in english… i think the fella is a good footballer and tbh think ‘arry let him go too soon without giving him a fair crack… skopoletis is a nasty disease rabbi – the only way to cure that is ignore it and hope it goes away, eventually it will… he was not the best player we have ever had by a long mile but most probably the best of a bad bunch at that time?

  • Skopoletis is one of many. Carl Tiler (orient 1-4 in the cup at home), Pavel Srnicek (at Aston Villa away 03-04), Lee sharpe (2-4 palace at home in the relegation play off 2000-1), Yoshi at Bradford away second half only in the promotion 02-03. I actually thought Mick Channon in 86-87 was quite good. him and quinn struck up a good partnership, and he also scored a superb header in a 3-1 win at Wimbledon on new years day. his celebration sucked but you can’t have everything. Gavin Maguire wasn’t that terrible either. Graham Hogg was. as was Courtney pitt, robert wolleaston, and all those chelsea youth players graham rix got in when he was boss. Andy Gosney had a really dodgy eye, but he hardly ever played anyway. Chalkias at Highbury when Henry scored a hat trick ended up with Pompey fans singing ‘you don’t know what your doing’ if my memory is correct. Scott Hiley never struck me as being that good. The list couyld go on and on and on and on….

  • Yeh Scott Hiley was bloody awful at first, then he somehow turned it round to be player of the year. Malcom Shotton was pretty tame.

  • Glad we are bringing back all those unpleasant memories, i knew there were loads of duff players.
    Did we suffer in those dark old days, and we travelled miles to watch them, always believing that the tables would turn.
    Thank God it did !!

  • Heres one lads, what was everyones thoughts about fat boy alias Warran Aspinall good or bad ?

  • hiley sucked big time but turned it round to be a decent player in the end – and a player i ultimately liked… as for aspinall personally i liked the fella…

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