Date: 2nd January 2008 at 9:48am
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13 points was expected from the 6 games against Liverpool, Spurs, Villa, Everton, Birmingham and Man City – we got 8.

7 points against Liverpool Arsenal, Middlesbrough and Reading was expected, but defeats against Middlesbrough and Liverpool have left us shell shocked and lacking confidence.

But were we asking too much?

If we had got all the points we had asked for, we would now be sitting in 3rd/4th place (depending on where the extra points came from.) Our opinion at the time certainly would suggest that the 8 points over the 6 games would be abysmal, and, having trawled through the records, I have found what a number of you had to say about this period.

“But if we get anything less than 10 pts I will be surprised…” – pompeyrug.

“I think that we can win all our home games,” – PompeyGleamer.

“No, no, no. Benji will stop scoring!!?” – PompeyGleamer.

Whilst others remained cautious.

“sorry lads , I reckon it’ll be 12 maximum!” – Merlin.

“Offer me 13 points now, and ill bite your hand off!!!” – Pompeycarpet.

Mixed opinion – but largely people agreed that 13 points was a big ask – but manageable.

The following 4 games, people were a little more conservative, and although some people openly admitted to believing we were capable of 8 points (which we possibly were), others admitted to voting for 4 points, but were ashamed to say so

“Ashamed to say it, but I think I went the same as u Chix…4pts” – pentonpompey.

And 4 points we got! Although such a figure I am slightly ashamed to have achieved – given the opposition!

A much needed improvement against Reading, but how will it transfer into our next 6 games, with Sunderland (a), Derby (h), Man U (a), Chelsea (h), Bolton (a), and Sunderland (again!) (h)?

Written by pompeycarpet.

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14 Replies to “Worse than expected – a lot worse!”

  • I’ll be neither cautious nor terribly optimistic and go for 11 points. Manure will be the only defeat, possible to a penalty or horrible deflection.

  • i have a feeling some people will be more carefull with what they write on this one…i have put the poll forward too, but i think that this is a relativly easy run of games, and its about time we picked up a win against one of the “top 4”

  • i am going to be pesimistic and go for a loss to United and a draw with Chelsea (nil nil probably)! also you never can be sure when playing teams in a relegation fight, just look at Pompey only a few seasons ago! saying that I will be positive, we should still take maximum points from all of the other games but they might make us work for them just as the big teams will do!

  • As long as we get something off Chelski I don’t care Played 9 Lost 9 is our Premier League record and we have lost all the home games 2-0.

  • i cant help myself, this will probably come back to bite me in the ass but who care… i dont think we will lose to sunderland, derby, bolton and sunderland again – maybe we might win all 4 of these. i would happily settle for draws against chelski and united, but this is where i get brave i dont think we will lose either of these either – the even braver part i reckon we will beat one of these 2 giants…

  • rug – i firmly agree!!! i see sunderland, derby and bolton as MUST WIN games – if we have any realistic ambitions in the league, and i lso think that if we have an ambition, then we should be able to do more than draw with the top 4 at fratton, and get flattend away. the only problem is the poor form that we are in at the moment…and the ACoN could hit us badly – but i dont think it will…

  • I had a little poser for Eastneydave in the forums, he came up with the stats which back it up, we are crap in December and generally January, we only average a win ratio of approx 1 win every 3.57 games, so we are par for the course over the last 20 years!

  • My Head: Sunderland (a) D – Derby (h) W – Man U (a) L – Chelsea (h) L – Bolton (a) D and Sunderland (h) W – So that’s 8 points
    My heart: Sunderland (a) W – Derby (h) W – Man U (a) L – Chelsea (h) D – Bolton (a) W and Sunderland (h) W – So that’s 13
    To be honest I’ll settle for 8 but if we get 13 I’d be delighted ..anymore than that then I’ll be running down Fratton Road naked…. yuk what a ‘orrible thought !!

  • im still fancying us to get something from united and/or chelski… with a surprise result against one…

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