Date: 23rd September 2009 at 4:14pm
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Ok, maybe ‘worrying times’ is not exactly the right selection of words for the title and maybe something like ‘more worrying times’ would have been more appropriate given the latest ‘reported words’, to Spanish paper Marca, that SAF has spoken…

Whilst his thoughts of prioritising the clubs ‘infrastructure’ are something that I like hearing the ‘suggestion’ that he will not be spending money on players until next summer is worrying: ‘you have to do things at their own speed and at the moment the priority for Portsmouth is to create a good infrastructure so that the club can have a serious face in the future.’

To be fair, unless this – and what will follow – is not the entire amount that he said the way it has been portrayed that he will not invest money in January is not entirely true, is it?

Somewhat perplexingly though SAF is ‘thought’ to be keen on buying a Spanish club, something that he has denied insisting that his main ‘pre-occupation’ is Pompey: ‘I am not interested in investing in a Spanish club.

‘Now my main pre-occupation is with Pompey and to improve the level of the squad for the Premier League.’

These latter thoughts, even more so, do not seem to tie in with those that the media are suggesting he is not going to spend in January do they?

I am delighted to hear that SAF wants to work on the infrastructure, but I am just annoyed again that he could not have said these things direct to us through The Pompey Site or even waited until the end of the week to tell us direct at his meeting with supporters clubs and fans sites… I tell you what though, SAF needs to be clear and ensure he delivers what he says he will at this meeting!

This said if he thinks he can get away without bringing players in during the January window, again unless there is more to this I do not entirely think he has said this, he is seriously mistaken – not that it needs millions and millions of pounds being spend, but some level of investment is a must.

As for the infrastructure ideas, fantastic but as said actions and not just words will be demanded now!

The guy – although once again I must stress the way this is being portrayed in the media is not entirely as it appears to be put across – continues to do himself no favours, by not talking to the fans though The Pompey Site, and being involved in some chess event when he should be here overlooking ‘his club’ is not going to help is it?

I think frustrating about sums up things at the moment and ‘frustrated’ is how we best described our feelings about the SAF takeover in a recent poll, put forward by PFCblue – and I think that is about right…

  • What the poll asked – After the initial euphoria of the SAF takeover how do you feel now?

  • How you voted – Frustrated 54%, Resigned to our fate 25%, Really down 13%, Still ecstatic 6%, High hopes 2%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on the above and what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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