Date: 19th June 2010 at 4:37pm
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It is easy to blame the Manager but several different Manager’s have tried and failed with England so maybe the players simply aren’t good enough? Dave_S139 explains more.

I’ve already owned up to being a club over country man and maybe this is further evidence of that. I like the rest of us have so far seen the England national team stutter towards two draws against what should be two very beatable sides for a team with the supposed talent of England. But I’m getting increasingly doubtful as to whether the team and indeed the players are really as good as we are led to believe. We know that they earn world class money for plying their trade in the most popular league in the world but are these earnings actually indicative of their individual ability?

I think most of the successful club sides in the Premiership, let’s say Manchester United and Chelsea for arguments sake, would give the England team a run for their money. And this possibly suggests that the English players at their clubs are being carried perhaps by some good overseas talent that they play alongside week in and week out.

Algeria’s players, of whom I know very few but obviously two, gave a display that I as a Pompey fan would have been pleased to see from my club side. With the obvious exception of not finding the back of the net (thankfully for England but more importantly for David James) they were faster to the ball, their touch and passing was better, and they showed a better work ethic and desire than players who I assume would be far better paid for what they do week in and week out than the Algerians.

I wonder if FIFA sat down and picked a World Squad of 23 how many England players would be selected and furthermore, if a first eleven was then chosen from this squad would many (if any) English actually make the cut? I could easily blame the Manager but several different Manager’s have tried and failed so maybe the players simply aren’t good enough. Certainly, we have appeared to lack a mental strength compared to many other sides; the Germans, Dutch, Argentineans – and now even the likes of the USA have certainly closed the gap at international level from where it was ten years ago.

Many pundits have suggested that we have too many overseas players in our league and that this alone impacts on the quality that will filter through to the English national team. Maybe that’s so; maybe not. The French are also suffering and the Spanish have yet to set the tournament alight but possibly that was “first match syndrome” and at least with Spain they could count themselves as being a bit unlucky. They genuinely looked a threat but simply failed to score whereas England don’t look a threat at all at the moment. As for France; well, there are obviously problems off the field that the team cannot overcome on it.

Let’s hope that England can kick start their World Cup on Wednesday but their consistent failure at tournaments has been going on for too long and is disproportionate to the way that they as individuals are lauded as world class. Maybe some of them concentrate too much on being celebrities over and above being the professional footballers that that are supposed to be. But that’s another issue entirely.

Written by Dave_S139.

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14 Replies to “World Class! You’re having a laugh!!”

  • You’ve got a good point there Dave about the influence of the overseas players on an individuals club performance. But I can’t understand the drop in form of the likes of Rooney, Lampard etc. Perhaps it’s down to team tension, which might have been relieved if we’d gotten a win over the USA. It’s been a team disaster and I’ve got to lay some blame with Capello. Against these ‘lightweight’ teams I think he should have started with Crouch and Defoe up-front and it doesn’t work playing Gerrard and Lampard together. Also, in these big competitions we always seem to abandon the fast and furious English game. But hey! I’m not on £5m a year so what do I know?

  • Dave_S you make some good points but how do you explain the qualifying if these players are so average? PFCBlue I would also now start with Defoe & Crouch but how can Mr Capello be blamed or legislate for the complete absence of interest by the so called captain. If wearing that arm band is not sufficient motivation then give it back. Chelski fans are right Lampard plays for the glory of himself; if that glory comes to England that is purely incidental and I think it might explain some of his stupid shooting. Rooney isn’t the only one to blame although his fans comment would have a bit more weight if ge was to pay their expenses.

  • I can out from under the knife for that game and 2/3rds of the way through I was begging to be back in the theatre; no anesthetic needed I was numb struck already

  • Jurgen Klinsmann had it right when he was asked a week or more ago why England consistently fail to deliver. The media builds up such ludicrous hype and then the media gets ready to tear them all back down again if they make the slightest mistake. It’s not pressure per se, it’s just that the players are so terrified of making a mistake and being crucified by the press that they don’t do anything at all. He also had it right this afternoon when he said that the people blaming Capello have no idea how little influence the coach actually has. At the end of the day, whether Capello picked a good formation or not, whether he picked the right players or not, the eleven players he picked were good enough to win that match comfortably, regardless of formations or tactics. The poor results and performances are down to the players and I firmly believe that the problem with the players is down to the press. The expectations in England are much higher than they are in Italy and Brazil, and those countries have actually won the bloody thing often enough to *warrant* high expectations.

  • You all make good points, they are probably all relevant, the undeniable fact is that we were rubbish, we lacked and cohesion and uumph! I will not be overly suprised if we dont beat Slovenia, maybe the pressure will work the other way, maybe we will be fantastic, maybe Ill win lottery this weekend

  • Nothing to do with overseas players or theie influence in the premiership its purely and simply a question of National Pride (they have none) and the fact that the bunch of prima donnas that they are (one or two exceptions) bottled it ..

  • Nothing to do with overseas players or theie influence in the premiership its purely and simply a question of National Pride (they have none) and the fact that the bunch of prima donnas that they are (one or two exceptions) bottled it ..

  • Some good points. I don’t think that we had much to beat in qualifying and also the games were played at good times in our season. Some of the pundits have also mentioned “burnout” as maybe a part of the reason. Too many games? I dunno.

  • chixy i am more with you on this one methinks tbh…
    i said this over on vital england, something that i think i will expand on and write more about:
    we (i was talking about pompey last season) ALWAYS had pride, passion and committment didnt we – you cannot underestimate how much this can give you if you play with this no matter how ‘poor’ your players are.
    i think you have it (was talking about money and what its doing to the game) – its football in general these days. i was talking to my mum earlier and said i didnt think the world cup, on the whole, had been that good so far and wondered if MUCH of this was down to the money in the game?
    does this mean the pride of playing for your country isnt really there anymore so do they even ‘care’ anymore…
    as for rooney, the guy has REALLY gone down in my estimations after his reaction – ‘showing his true colours’ was mentioned, perhaps that is the case? a guy who came up from nothing but now had everything without appreciting it and forgetting those that FOLLOW england do not have his riches so have the right to show their frustration the way they did against these overpaid and under performing mincers!

  • Right now if I was a player in the squad that has not yet played I would be wondering first why and then do I want to?
    No passion, no heart, no leader.
    Wright Philips can’t get a game at city because of young Johnson being far better. Who gets a game even after Johnson did well in his cameo appearance before the games started.
    No injured players will be taken. The way Rooney,King Barry and Rio have fared tells me different. Wayne does not look fit. King we all know about. Rio has had a season in and out threw injury. Barry was injured before the games began. Then you can add Milner who played even though for three days he had had a virus.

  • new rule…scrub all premier league players from 10th up…choose only players from the rest and championship…result…pride, passion commitment…when they get too big for their boots….move on to the next lot…..rooney lampard gerrard and the rest…do me a favour….oh and as much as i hate to say it HARRY to manage them (at least he’s ENGLISH).

  • I’m no fan of Rooney – far from it – but you can’t have it both ways. In one breath you’re saying the players have no passion, commitment or pride and in the next you criticise his reaction to the fans booing. It’s precisely *because* of his passion, pride and commitment that he lashed out at the fans. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have reacted at all.

    It honestly bewilders me how people could watch Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney on Friday and think they lacked passion, pride, commitment or bottle. They lacked many things, but things weren’t among them, for me. The whole thing seems to be built on the premise that they’re all paid large sums of money and that must be why they don’t care. The only problem with this is that most of the top players for Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Holland are also paid vast sums of money and their performances are (by and large) just fine.

    It’s very easy and tempting to go along with what the newspapers keep telling us must be the reason, but it just doesn’t hold water, in my opinion. You have to dig a little deeper to find the cause of this, because you can bet the media won’t.

  • i blame the overseas players and the clubs that favour them over homegrown talant (us included) Also, when did you last see kids kickin a ball up against a garage door in the street. kids don’t grow up kickin a ball round any more. Abnd have not done for some time now.

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