Date: 9th January 2011 at 12:53pm
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I’ll tell you something, if I stop writing match reports, I may just well become an obituary writer, I’m sure its in the same vein, depressing, yet inevitable.

To cut a long story short, Pompey travelled to the upwardly mobile Brighton along the coast, we lost 3-1, had another sent off and picked up 7 yellow cards. That is the story of the day in a nutshell, but just what has transformed Pompey from an ambitiously looking side on the cusp of the play-offs to a downtrodden outfit with ill discipline?

A couple of issues are of course Hughes and Brown, their abscence has both weakened the side in midfield and highlighted just how dire Pompey’s financial side still is.
Going’s on behind the scences are still influencing outcomes on it more than the players and management, Cotterill had one hand tied at the start of the season, now he probably feels like the Black Knight after meeting Arthur in ‘The life of Brian’.

Reading between the lines, pompey are preparing for a long old stint in the lower leagues again, if we were hoping to bounce back up to the top flight quickly, we would never have moved the ticket office back to Frogmore rd, finances needed reigning in for sure, but we are definitely cutting costs left right and centre, I feel there is no long term plan in place other than sitting where we are, we may be out of life support, but the coma is going to take a while to shift.

On the field the game was over after 15 minutes, by the Kitson had walked after alledgedly lashing out, unless someone recorded it on their phone we will never know what truly happened, the ITV cameras where asleep at the time, but Kitson now has a 3 match ban to look forward, we can ill afford that, but that is football now, Kitson reckons he pushed the bloke in the chest, but down went El-Abd, as is the modern game he managed to stay down long enough for the red card to come out and then play 90 minutes, must of hurt that elbow.

Pompey were behind within another 10 minutes, Wood smashing home after another corner was not properly cleared. Barnes clipped the bar shortly after, and then it was the Jamie Ashdown show once more, for all those football experts who phoned ‘Express FM’ last week, try watching the man play, it will prove just how idiotic some of the critics were about him.

As half-time approached and Pompey were clinging on, crowd favourite and defensive lynch-pin Sonko played basketball and Pompey had conceded yet another penalty, the penalty was conceded in the middle of 5 yellow cards for dissent for Pompey, lessons obviously not being learnt on that front.

Second half it was all Pompey could do to hang on, Barnes almost scored from 20 yards, while the seagulls dominated possession, Pompey did get one silver lining in Tom Kilbey scoring his first senior goal, slotting home after a scramble, this should of set up an Alamo siege, but in true Pompey style Sandazza just waltzed up the other end to kill the game.


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  • We need some loans to come through, our current midfield is not good enough. The sooner we offload these big earners and steady the financial ship the sooner we can have a deeper squad.

  • Why is Sonko so crap. He was a real legend at Reading and I know one of their fans who can’t believe he is so unpopular at PFC. Do they have amazingly low standards at the Madjeski? I know he’s better with his head and with his feet (and hands) but he’s been SO poor with his feet, how has he ever made a living at this game?

  • I can only decribe myself as depressed by the whole farce. Still at least we do not have to be humiliated by Watford again

  • I can only decribe myself as depressed by the whole farce. Still at least we do not have to be humiliated by Watford again

  • We just cannot compete in league and FA Cup, so it is probably good to go out of it now; we haven’t got the numbers, that is for sure! We need to sell Brownie to Wolves and use that money to get in another 2 midfield players, and maybe loan another two. We just cannot keep on going with this current squad. I wonder if we should sent Sonko back and free up another space!

  • The lack of discipline is unacceptable. We cannot afford to lose players due to stupid mindless acts, regardless of the intimidation. Next two league games could see us dipping our toes in the bottom three if we are not careful. I cannot contemplate us sliding down a further division (particularly if the scummers pass us going the other way)! If someone is willing to take Hughes and Brown off our hands they should go (although I would be genuinely surprised if their new clubs paid the wages they think they deserve in the present economic climate! As far as the future goes, Everton have just picked up a lad from Ireland who played in the FA Cup yesterday for the princely sum of £60K. They are out there!

  • First I have to thank B&H for letting me in to the game in my less than able state; then I need to berate them for letting me in in my less than able state; for if they hadnt I would have missed one of the worst Pompey performances in recent memory; and there have been some bad days. Pompeys thug like behaviour on the pitch has been angering me somewhat and I think the landlord has mentioned it to. I gave now developed a severe concern about our manager and his failure to do something about his players indiscipline on and off the pitch. Thank Christ Brown was financially inelligable or it would have been two reds. Pompeys attitude has been rubbish and fair play and fair played to Brighton. Once again Cotterille got the first 45 mins tactically wrong and as has often been the case he has turned the performance around in the 2nd half but again too late. The man needs an assistant manager he is not as good as he thinks. I have read people scream ( capital letters) BC out, but someone tell me what’s the point of having more players if they are not managed correctly. Someone tell me, why is Mok still the captain; he cannot manage the defence let alone the team? I had aspired to mid table obscurity but I will settle for my pre season 5th from bottom come May. Our Manager is on a steep learning curve but- if he stays – he better improve.

  • My first rant didn’t post thank god, Pompey out thought, outplayed and out of control; if this is the managers style Im not at all impressed.

  • On thing i will take issue with -The Black Knight gets his limbs chopped off in the ‘Holy Grail’, not life of Brian’ :).. other than that good article that sums up the depression floating around Fratton many of us even expected to win on Saturday..this season is going to be along hard winter slog and if we slip up against Burnley and Scunthorpe it could be a disasterous one

  • We’ve got to put this behind us. We are out of the cup, and now have nothing but league fixtures ahead of us. We have 22 games left to play and have to look to get around 25 points to survive. Strengthening the squad is key.

  • Paultsmouth you’ve been ‘a very naughty boy’. Back to topic, I agree Cotters has to sort out the indiscipline, something has to happen about the defence and its dangerous being rubbish for the first half and trying to put it right in the second, as we’ve seen the last few months. I still think that SC is the best manager we can expect to get in our current plight, and remain behind him, but I still reserve the right to criticise. It is very depressing following Pompey at the moment, and I do find myself expecting to lose. Doesn’t stop us going though – all we can do is try – try really hard, to remain positive, and get behind our team, because that’s what Pompey fans do best!

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