Date: 13th November 2013 at 10:45am
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An article from Jimsmithswig sharing views from someone who was at the Paint Pot Trophy defeat at Newport last night, glad I was not to be honest!

Unfortunately, well I should say fortunately, I did not go to the Newport debacle last night – in the Newport forum thread I asked for views of someone that did.

Up stepped Jimsmithswig, who said:

Rug I will oblige,

First the positives, managed to side step the bouncer on the door and got in with the home fans in the rugby club for a few beers but most importantly had a magnificent chips and chicken curry for only 4 of my English pounds…… it went down hill rapid after that, it was worse than Saturday.

Carson is getting the goalie liability disease, good shot stopper but awful communication with Bonzo for the first goal and pushed a save back out for the second.

Newport were as expected big and quick but unlike Div 1 last season these big teams can play football and they played us off the park, we were the long ball merchants.

Sadly we are not physically strong enough to compete at this level, this isn’t being dirty but we were just second too often in a one on one challenge, again Holmes and Barcham ran well with the ball but then no cross.

Witts at the end applauded from a distance as the negativity is rising, mind you to sum us all up even the flare thrown from the Pompey fans was pathetic, only managed about 20 feet onto the walkway, not even onto the pitch behind the goal.

We all must do better.

Written by Jimsmithswig and posted originally in a VP forum thread – click here.

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5 Replies to “Wiggy’s Newport Views…”

  • Surely you mean Welsh pounds!! The view on the streest around the City is another bad display on Saturday and some fans will be on Whitts’ back.

  • I’d be interested to know how many of those on his back will have attended the last three games (Wimbledon, Newport & Stevenage…Appreciate you don’t have to attend to have a view .. but no view is as good as those that have attended. I think some from should stop looking for a scapegoat and accept that we are where we are and lower their expectations.

  • To be fair Chixy I would imagine that a very high proportion of those at Wimbledon this weekend would have been at Stevenage and Newport before it, we seem to have a regular hardcore following – of course numbers were fewer at Newport and will be few for Wimbledon but even those in attendence for both would have made up many of those going to all three of these I would say.
    Is it really expectancy seeing people on Whittingham’s back tho?

  • Not gonna go there Rug … I just annoyed that people who were just happy to have a community club in the summer now want to sack one of most honourable, committed, legendary players we have ever had just because of a couple of poor results – The premiership years are spoiling this club as the fans expectations are too high and too many feel we have a god given right to return there with a very short space of time … It aint gonna happen… Jimmy Dickinson (a former day Whittingham) was not a great manager either and although managing the club he loved led to heart attack and eventual death .. the fans Never got on his back after a few poor performance .. they stood by one of their own and where proud to do so. To jump on Whittingham back when he is obviously under pressure is absolutely crazy IMO ..

  • Come on chixy its not just a couple of poor results that have left some questioning Whittingham is it…
    I get your points about what Whittingham has offered us and how thankful we should be but just how long can such views spare someone?
    Once more I hope that he can prove to be exactly what we need (and not just want) but cannot say I am sure he will be if I do not think he is but a couple of months should leave us knowing exactly where we are and he is.

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