Date: 8th May 2006 at 6:01pm
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Why My Girlfriend Saved Pompey

It was Tuesday the 27th of April the day my girlfriend made the decision that kept Pompey in the Premiership!

I was lying in bed at about 12 O?clock having just had a few (well several) drinks with my girlfriend. My girlfriend decided to ask me why I was unable to sleep the last few days. Ok I admit it; I was tempted to kick her out the house for not realising that Pompey had a crucial away match against Wigan on the Saturday. I decided against it as we where staying at her parents house for the weekend, probably for the best, she stayed.

So we got talking about football. (normally we have an agreement where I don?t talk about football and she doesn?t complain about the amount of cooking she does for me.) I explained that Pompey could be safe by Saturday evening; I explained all the different possible outcomes from Saturday?s matches.

?So why can?t you sleep?? yes that was the reply! I said ?Why can?t I sleep? Why can?t I sleep? Well a) it?s the biggest game in Pompey?s season and b) your taking up the majority of bed!? Ok so I didn?t say that last comment.

She finally understood and after I had calmed down a bit I turned to her and asked about her day. I then closed my eyes and new that when I woke up in the morning she would still be going through her day.

After an unusually short and simple explanation she explained that she was going to audition for a choir Saturday. ?Very nice,? I said, uninterested turning over.

I managed to get to sleep that night, well for a while! I woke up at three am and said, ?Where safe!? I had remembered the saying, ?It?s not over till the fat lady sings.? ?Where going to do it!?

Saturday came and a one nil deficit resulted in me ringing my girlfriend to make sure she was still going to the audition. SHE WAS! It didn?t make sense? I realised why, she hadn?t sung yet. The audition wasn?t until 5.30. (?swear word of some description?)

I went outside the ground and asked my wife what song was on the radio? She told me but realising that she needed to sing I replied, ?Ow, how does that go, sing it to me!? She did and that was it I hanged up and went back inside the ground.

We Won!

I proposed to my girlfriend that night and she accepted. Let?s hope she doesn?t read this article otherwise the wedding will be off!