Date: 5th January 2009 at 12:13am
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Defoe is now receiving Death threats according to one reporter, the same reporter who accused Pompey fans of Death Threats towards Harry I wonder?

I find this concerning if it is true, but hard to believe for 2 reasons.

1) If I wanted the Mobile number of 1 person who is the public eye, I think I would find it near on impossible to get that number, as there is NO directory for Mobile Numbers… Yet this reporter states this is the 2nd Mobile Number Pompey fans have got their hands on, and phoned with Death Treats (Harry and now Defoe?)

2) The one thing ALL Pompey fans agree on, is the need for the players to show commitment, and WANT to play for the club. As Defoe has shown neither in the past month, then they would want Defoe to move on, I cant see any fan wanting to ring Mr Defoe, and threaten him if he leaves????? I am sorry, I do wear Blue tinted and rimmed specs, but this does not add up to me.

I think its more a case of Defoe doing as Harry does, and creating an issue from nothing to ensure the medias take on both departures is poor Harry and now poor Defoe don’t deserve this treatment from those vile nasty fans… The same fans Harry praised for years, unlike those vile and nasty Spurs fans…. How the tides have turned.

I read the Defoe Article with great interest today. He wants to leave to be with Harry as he came to us ONLY for Harry.

Cast your minds back to when he came to Pompey. He said he came here as Pompey were a club on the UP, and he needed to get his England career back on Track.

Cast your minds back to when Harry left (without informing Mr Defoe I recall?) He said he did NOT come here to be with Harry, he had been years apart from Harry since his West Ham days, so why would he follow Harry.

He says in the article he now WANTS to rejoin Harry, only came to Pompey to re-unite with Harry, and now needs to go to Spurs to be with him once again…. Oh and yes he also wants to leave as our financial problems have been made TOO public???? Excuse me that was by Harry if I recall, as shot across our bows when he chose to leave?

I don’t understand why Harry is so Hell bent on tarnishing our Club, and I don’t understand why Defoe is constantly playing the Harry Card? The best thing for all involved is for Harry to get his man, but at our price, and for both Defoe and Harry to cut out the back stabbing of our club.

Harry, you moan so often about other people talking about your club and your players, and it annoys you, yet you feel free to do so about our?

Harry, your valuations are always less than a clubs when you want to buy them, but those players are always undervalued when you want to sell them?

Defoe, go, by all means, but go quietly.

Bring back O’Neil, bring back Taylor. Backward move? Maybe/maybe not. Maybe we need to take 2 steps back to get players on board that love this club and not just a wage, to make 3 steps forward in the long run.

I personally believe neither of these players were sold for the right reasons anyway. Both Taylor and O’Neil condemned Harry for going to Scum, and he never forgot it. When the time came he could move them on, he did.

Rant over.

Written by Midge.

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27 Replies to “Why has Harry got in for Pompey?”

  • I have to agree with Midge: for us who actually track the stories day in day out for years on end, a lot of it just does not add up – especially when history is considered which the tabloids just go for sensationalism to sell issues. The whole of the Defoe story from when he joined Pompey until now just shows that he will say near enough anything for personal gain, as a primadonna – he’s the english version of Laurent Robert. At least Diarra was honest from the start when he said if a big club comes in he’s off.

    Whether whats happening at Pompey is considered good or bad is a personal opinion. But I think its good insofar that it highlights people like Defoe, who however technically gifted they are, do not deserve to pull on the shirt which means commitment, pride and an ability to get in the trenches. This I think includes Distin who shoots his mouth off every time he gets within a kilometre of a sky sports microphone. At a time when its backs to the wall – and we have had a hell of a lot of those in the last decade the real men always stand out and get on with it – Arjan, Gary, Matty, Linvoy, Dejan, players like Brian Priske who, quite frankly, got s*** on, Benjani, Toddy, Hughesy, Stoney, Pedro…The old cliche that Harry always used to whip out was ‘we need more quality’ but I would rather see Pompey finish 17th with a comitted squad where every player fights for every blade of grass, every inch on that pitch every game. Let the deserters go and have their glory and silverware, let go of mummies boys like Defoe and show ponies like Diarra – good as they are, how good have they ever been when it has really mattered? Defoe is no Prosinecki, he is no Merson, he is no Sheringham. It might sound odd, but a good relegation scrap may be just what Pompey needs to weed them all out and get some squad unity back…

  • If you can make it seem like you are being hounded out, it makes it that much easier when you go and the world watches


    ?I think it?s only normal for it to be on our minds, but at the same time you try to be professional and try not to think about it,? he shrugged.
    ?When you?re out there, it?s a bit difficult when you look over to the dug out and he?s not there but at the end of the day, that?s football.
    ?He?s not the first manager to leave a club and he?s definitely not going to be the last. It just happens.
    ?Managers move on. It was a shock, but you?ve got to get on with it. You?ve still got to play, the world doesn?t stop. It happens and good luck to him.?

  • JERMAIN DEFOE – 10 NOVEMBER 2008 – But the £7.5m capure from White Hart Lane has quashed talk he wants away.He told The News he was happy at Pompey and wanted to play a big part in the Adams revolution.
    Defoe said: ‘What’s happened hasn’t affected me.
    ‘It tends to be at the back of your mind, but that is only normal. You get speculation. It’s annoying.
    ‘Everyone knows Harry brought me to the club and I was with him at West Ham.
    ‘So it’s not a surprise people are asking will I go back to Spurs? It’s normal.
    ‘But I am a Portsmouth player. I’m enjoying my time here, I’m working hard and I’m scoring goals.
    ‘I’m in a good team and we want to push up the table.
    ‘So why would I think about leaving the club?
    ‘Tony is a great manager. Training has been brilliant and I’m playing with good players ? that is the most important thing for me.
    ‘There’s talk but once you are out there and playing you aren’t thinking about what is going on ? you are just playing football.
    ‘You just get on with it. It’s part and parcel of football. I’ve had speculation my whole career. I just get out and play.’

  • Death threats from Pompey fans …my Arse … It’s a shame we can’t collectively sue the jumped up little prat – The sooner he *****s off back to his beloved Harry the better…. And even if it is a made up story and Defoe knows none of it … Why hasn’t he denied it happened …

  • Complete load of dwarf shagging boll**ks! Let the little git go back to Harry. It’s just a cry of desperation when a player needs to make up this *****e as a way of smoothing his exit.

  • Choard, I agree with 99.9% of what you say but am saddened that you refer to Diarra as a show pony; we all enjoyed his albeit brief stay and who can really say it didn’t raise Pompey’s profile, having a truly world class player at the hub of the team? Furthermore, could we really begrude him a move to Real Madrid? I’d say we all enjoyed having him here (he always looked “up for it” when he played if you ask me) and in the end it was good business for the club, both on the pitch and the balance sheet. On the subject of the “death threats” go…..I can smell the bull***** from here!

  • Yeah agreed, it’s all a little too convenient. A bit of bravado to get his move from Harry and his merry pirates. ***** off Defoe you little prima donna.

  • Let’s please not tar Defoe and Diarra with the same brush. Tim is right Lass, as he is now known ar Real, is no show pony. He was never given a chance at Chelsea or Arsenal but at Fratton he proved what a talent he is and a big club was always bound to come knocking for his services before too long. He always gave 100% for Pompey and rarely had a bad game. Pompey fans will watch Lassie’s future career with interest unlike Defoe’s.

  • Sorry guys, I guess I used ‘show pony’ to refer to Diarra in slightly the wrong context here: I meant using the club as a brief stepping stone, like a rehabilition centre of sorts. Essentially – and its only a personal opinion, I think Defoe and Diarra’s cases are kind of similar insofar both cases show that they are at Pompey for the shortest time possible until it was possible for them to receive a better deal elsewhere: I mean players like Arjan, Linvoy, Gary and Matty were not just interested in furthering their own careers but all of them wanted to make Pompey a great club. You are right Tim, Diarra’s case is different to Defoes and he did raise Pompey’s profile with some magnificent performances from a world class player: but like Defoe it showed he never had any loyalty or respect for Pompey in that he gave any sense he was concerned where the club was going and how it was developing. But like you say it was his opportunity: like eastneydave says it will be interesting to watch his career at Real because it would be ironic if he finds himself back in the position he was in at Arsenal.

  • Yep, I was surprised what the poison dwarf called ‘death threat’s’. I though this smells a bit of story. So if they want to be toghether than fine but at our price & our terms. Spurs want ghim for the league cup semi final 1st leg, this week. He’s not cup tied for that. They & he doesn’t want to be FA Cup tied & I certainly don’t want him playing against us in a few wweks time. Let them stew on it for a few weeks. The longer he rots the better, why the hell give Spurs the goals to get themselves out of trouble. He can go on 1st Feb!

  • its all crap paper talk as usual…….sensationalism going daft again… many people answer their phones to numbers they dont know…..not many…..and people like JD would get rid of their number as soon as one had been received…..its all crap…!!

  • If you read what Defoe actually said in the papers, it sound highly
    suspicious. Firstly, he says he got the “same phonecalls as harry did when he went to Southampton”. How does he know, he wasn’t at Portsmouth at that time, has he been speaking to Harry? Secondly, he has told Club Officials but he has not contacted the Police. How very, very odd! I would have contacted the Police first, then the Officials and then the Press. It all stinks!

  • Personally, I no longer want Defoe at Portsmouth, but out of principle I want to sell him to either Citeh, Villa or Everton teams that are not around us at the moment and teams that can pay decent money….. Or give him someone miles away from London for less than the 20mil just to ***** him off……..

  • I cant believe we’d even consider selling him to spurs. If they want any of our players they should have to pay double and take djimi traore and lauren on 10 year, 100K a week deals as part of the package! tossers

  • If Defoes had death threats on his mobile phone it would be easy enough for the Police to track them through his phone records and then catch and rightly punish the perpetrators. However i expect close examination will find that there are no such calls. Diarra was great when he was here, he was honest from the start, always gave 100% and if we’re all honest with ourselves was always going to move on to bigger things. One issue i would like the FA to resolve is the managers talking publicly about wanting to sign players, the way i see it Transfer deals should be conducted in secret, if you want to sign a player approach his club, if they say no sod off, if they say yes and you agree a fee, talk to the player. Once you have agreed a deal and the player has signed on the dotted line then release the information to the media. The FA need to start handing out big fines to clubs, players and agents who step outside the lines. If news breaks of a deal and it can’t be determined who is responsible fine all parties involved. I’m wondering what Mr Levy makes of his new manager now, it’s not 5 mins since he was complaining about the way Man Utd and Liverpool behaved over Berbatov and Keane and now he seems to be condoning the same behaviour by Harry. The word Hippocrite springs to mind.

  • I’d be happy for a Diarra to turn up every year, play with commitment and then get sold for £20M. I agree that Lassie was well worth the admission fee every time he played and never let us down. He had a pride in what he was doing and I can imagine even if he turned out for the Shepherd’s Crook sunday XI, he would still play to win. In ten years time JD will be on “I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here” trying to get off with some past-it model but instead getting bullied by some TV chef or other. The man has no class.

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