Date: 31st January 2008 at 12:46pm
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And I don’t just mean Pompey I mean everything that’s a success in English Sport.

All of a sudden, we (Pompey) are worth £60 million and Sasha is ready to cash in???

Where does this sort of rubbish start? Is it the Message/Bull/Rubbish boards? Or is just the media’s prerogative to try and unsettle good things in this country.

Whether it be a player who is actually achieving great things, or exceeding beyond even his dreams, the Media decide to dig the dirt or even set him up just for the scoop?

Or be it a situation like Pompey find themselves in now… being a success, so someone, somewhere, decides to try and de-rail that success.

On the Couch on Sunday morning on Sky Sports 1, Chris Coleman and Chris Kamara, stated that poor press about Chairman, and managers DOES have a detrimental effect on the players, and the performances of individuals and teams. They agreed that, despite what clubs say, these articles do effect the quality on the pitch, and even if that be a dip by 2% or 3%; at this highest level that can be enormous.

It can be the difference between a draw and a win, or a draw and a loss. The proof is there for all to see with Liverpool.

Now we have someone somewhere, trying the same with Pompey… but why?

I think (as Pompey fans) we know Sasha is NOT going to sell, and I hope to god the players also realise this is utter rubbish, after all, in the TIMES ON LINE, only this month Peter Storrie outlined how much Sasha had spent in the summer…

“Alexandre Gaydamak, the Portsmouth owner, invested around £30 million in nine new players during the close season.”

Sasha has spent again since then…

Add to this the initial costs to buy the club in the first place? (I believe this to be around £25 million in 2 instalments) and all of a sudden you can see that £60 million would not actually bring him much profit? Not in relation to time, costs, wages, etc etc.

I personally, cant see Sasha walking away from this club for years to come, I believe he has sold his dreams to Harry (hence him staying) and to Peter Storrie (hence the passion both are showing).

“If”… and I say this very delicately, “If” we were to lose Sasha in the future, the one thing I can see causing this, would be the ridiculous volumes of red tape that this City Council (and Fareham now) put around every piece of land, or plan that PFC want, or need, to move this club forward. Eventually this has got to ware the owners and directors down (example = Milan… tried so hard but was in a lose lose situation).

Play up Pompey, and long live Sasha



Written by Midge.

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21 Replies to “Why do the media insist on trying to bring us down”

  • this is the email that Midge was talking about earlier – its as sent around 9.45ish, but has only just reached me… i think it is a fantastic read mate, and i do hope that it was intended for me to use as an article as i have? crackin’ read.

  • I agree 60mil seems low, especially for a team that has been built up to the point that it has a realistic chance to play in europe and is building a good reputation and fan base in Asia (an extremely lucrative area) this coupled with potential new ground and then property deals on old sites/development this seems a little off the mark……………. sounds like someone writing about the value of pompey in the Milan days.

  • Most newspaper articles are based on sensationalism or just bolloxs. Take it all with a pinch of salt & a good bottle of red.

  • Midge. Great article. Unfortunately, the press makes a tidy bundle out of giving legs to idle speculation. The Times article about Pompey’s alleged sale is a classic example. The good news (in a “glass half full” type of way) is that we are now a big enough entity in football to get speculated about. Imagine what it must be like for fans of the “Big 4”. Which brings me to another point you made about Portsmouth local government. Would an up and coming business entity get that sort of shoddy treatment up north ? Not a chance. If Liverpool wanted to open a training pitch at the Mersey docks, it would be done within a month. When we try to develop anything at all, we have town councils, the National Trust and the Royal Navy bludgeoning us to death. This is the part I fear the most because as an investor, how many such obstacles can you keep facing until you just throw up your hands and go elsewhere.

  • Midge, your article neglects to take into account how Pompey finance their spending. What debt would a new buyer inherit. Profits could still be made on the original purchase price.

  • great article midge, but i think we have to accept that with becoming a better club comes more media hype, and im sure that other “big” clubs can feel just as harsh-done-by, its just coming all in the same day for us, unluckily.

  • the times had got there stats all mixed up. sachs bought 50% for 15 million, and is thought to have bought the rest for 15-30 million. (total 45 million). he then spent 30 million over the summer (total 75 million) – so why would he sell for just 60 million now? someone is very confused and just trying to unsettle happens.

  • Taken from Tribal Football:

    Portsmouth midfield ace Sulley Muntari admits he dreams of playing for Manchester United.

    Ghana midfield star Muntari almost went to United at 17 but he could not get a work permit.

    Now the £7million Pompey ace still wants to sign for the Red Devils – with Liverpool and Spain’s Valencia also interested.

    Muntari revealed: “I nearly joined Manchester United as a kid. I want to play for the best team in England.

    “I am happy at Portsmouth but let’s see what happens in the future.”

    A case of two old stories cobbled together to form something ‘new’. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Take it all with a pinch of salt.

  • that one i have read before so many times. i dont care if he wants to play for man u, as so do i, but i dont think my local club are particaully worrying about me leaving…

  • Sorry Midge meant to say good article mate. It really annoys me too that he ‘media’ can whip something out of nothing just because they feel like it… But at the end of the day when we talk about it they ultimately win.. as that is why they do it .. they make it up.. We read it and talk about – they write that it’s being spoken about and so it goes on !

  • chix – my god, you must have had inside knoldege! just had a ring from my agent, and Sir alex has flown down, im meeting him in 20 minutes, for a quick medical, befor i sign….

  • thre things Midge 1st thing, you are absolutely right about pompey council i can tell you as part of a developer team i was involved in the original millenium tower project and i can tell you that the city council were so imcompetent, red tape loving and almost corrupt we pulled out and sued. 2nd thing midge sasha is a business man and with the commercial credit line freeze and housing slowdown his business case has just taken a very very large knock and ultimately he will need to recover his £30m capex, working for a very large international developer i can assure you the club have looked around for funding and/or new partners. 3rd thing just because i dont agree with you doesnt mean i am not a true pompey fan.

  • For once I will back the Times report over the PFC statement. PFC has been quietly up for sale for 12 months at least. Sashas statement “it would be flattering if we did recieve some interest and offers”. His statement not mine. You can read that as “if the right offer comes along I’ll take it” This story has been leaked to the press to generate interest but still leaving room for denial by the club. If no acceptable offer comes along Sasha can say it was all newspaper talk. If an acceptable offer comes along you won’t see him for dust. Put your mask on because the dust will choke you before next season.

  • dont think anyone suggested you wernt a true pompey fan fratton aussie – everyone is entitled to there own views…

  • pompeycarpet nobody knows what the second tranch of the club was sold for, like most things that is speculation. What we do know is that the value in the club is not so much in it’s players but in its ground and prospect of it’s redevelopment and no doubt at all that has taken a nose dive just recently. Our company assesor says from what is filed the figure would SPECULATIVELY £80m, bearing in mind it is thought sasha not the club owns a lot of the players. What we have to do to get some idea of value is to seperate selling clubs & players

  • my name is not fratton aussie and im sorry but according to midge “pompey fans dont believe the club is up for sale” i do agree with midge on the press thing top a point, i read the times and Nick szezczepanicker or whatever is so negative i wwonder if he has been to the same game. if we do well we are lucky, if we do bad its because we are bad. refs who give a decision for us are there usual awfull self, give it against us and they are rightly confident, i hate the fuqer

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