Date: 17th April 2009 at 10:50am
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The debate surrounding Johnny Westwood and his ‘band’ has raged on for ages now, but this season has really seen it come to a head…

Him, his bugle – even if he might not play it very well, sorry John but you know its true – and the rest of his band had been a regular thing and feature with Pompey over the years, but this season we have seen a massive change.

After moving towards the back of the Fratton End, maybe more due to his ‘seating habits’ he and his crew were then forced to move to that bloody ridiculous and basically humiliating ‘Punch and Judy’ style so-called ‘Band Stand’ after complaints of them being ‘too noisy!’

Too noisy?

Football is meant to be noisy, and if you ask me if anyone does not like this then they should not be at football and it is they that should be forced to move, or leave, and not those that have been around for donkies years!

I could be very wrong, but I suggest those complaining about the noise most likely have not been watching Pompey for very long, and are most probably, how shall I put it a more ‘upper class’ clientele, or to be blunt the prawn sarnie brigade…

Ok, as I do not have to sit next to this noise week-in-week-out, due to the fact that I am a North Stand fan, it is easy for me to say ‘let them get on with it’, but surely we should just let them get on with it as it benefits the atmosphere and this often benefits the on-field performance.

I have gone back and forth on the issue, but in all honesty, as I say, the atmosphere is not the same without the drums and other instruments is it?

Well, this morning I came across something on the official Sheffield Wednesday site which fascinated me…

I do not know if this is because they have had ‘complains’ or they are just looking at different ways to use the band but their own famous band, and the Wednesday band is something that most of us have surely known of for years, are being made the focus of attention over the last few weeks of the season. It would appear that it is a ‘play’ or ‘not play’ option, so maybe some do not like the band? However rather than say ‘no you cannot play’ and letting a ‘minority rule’ they have opened the debate to all season ticket holders to decide so the ‘majority’ will rule.

This is what they have run with…

Season ticket holders to vote on Kop Band

Sheffield Wednesday will welcome the Kop Band back for the last time this season when Southampton come to town on Saturday (3pm kick-off).

Following feedback from supporters on The Kop, the band will be drumming at a reduced volume at this match. The band will not be playing at the Owls’ final match of the season, against Cardiff City on May 3.

This experiment will have given fans the opportunity to judge whether the band helps the atmosphere in the stadium or not and also gives the opportunity to determine what we are looking for from the band.

There will be an online vote for season ticket holders during the close season, which will decide on how to “play” the 2009/10 campaign.

Club chairman Lee Strafford said “welcoming the band back was important from a club perspective and despite my personal preferences regarding the band I think they have improved the atmosphere. Not everyone agrees though and the fans will this summer decide the long term strategy regarding the band.”

To visit this link click here.

So, I say – and to be honest I have personally put forward this suggestion to Portsmouth Football Club – why can we not do the same thing at Pompey?

Lets let the majority rule.

If they want Westwood and his band to play again next season lets let them if they win the vote – surely the majority, and not the minority should rule and with Pompey experiencing ‘difficulties’ at the moment surely encouraging people to want to go to the games and offer full backing and support is the way to go, whereas it almost seems like we are pushing people away at times…


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