Date: 2nd February 2009 at 4:06pm
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Peter Storrie gets a hard time for not acknowledging fans but he’s always replied to me, even if it takes a while – don’t know why!!!

I emailed him with my thoughts regarding Benjani on 30th January simply saying “Please bring BENJANI back” in the subject line with my email reading nothing more than “You know it makes sense all round.”

Storrie replied to me this morning saying, “He is injured and could be 6 weeks plus off playing.”

So there you have it maybe the only reason for not resigning Benjani from Man City is the fact that he will be out of action until mid March, so he would be of no real benefit to us in the immediate future.

There were disclaimers at the end of the email but nothing untoward is meant by sharing these thoughts, it was just felt that we are doing Peter Storrie a favour by putting an end to media speculation. He or office wouldn’t have replied if they didn’t think this would be spread amongst the fans. We’re doing their PR for them!!!

So, an exclusive for Vital Pompey!!!

Written by NinjaTim.

I can confirm that I have had the emails that Tim and Peter Storrie exchanged forwarded to me – no word of a lie, what has been said by Tim above was as it was said to and from Peter Storrie.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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20 Replies to “Why Benji Could Not Return!!!”

  • fair does – sounds like they at least made the enquiry and thats good enough for me. i think if we stay in the prem theres a good chance we will see benji play again for the might blues!

  • MFFP, so we buy someone who’s crocked then – is that the master transfer policy. Jeeeeezus, you were slagging Tony Adams off for HIS transfer policy. Perhaps, now Defoe is crocked, you reckon we should buy him back? If, as has been stated by the club, we need players fit and able to play NOW, then what is the point of signing someone so they can take a place in the treatment room until March?

  • I just hope at some point that Benjy does come home, we really miss him, and what a different attitude than that sulking prima donna Defoe.

  • no surprises there really though. However, what I DO find quite funny… is that Harry was probably hoping to ofload Dos Santos to fund him buying robbie keane. now he’s failed his medical…

  • Well we do need them fit & raring to go, though 6 weeks wait ain’t to bad when we’ve waited 18 minths for Nugent to score!!!

  • I am sorry but I feel that may be a little harsh on Nuge as he only really has gotten an opportunity under TA. I don’t believe he started a single game under Frank’s uncle (in the league).

  • Nice work Tim, theres more to the window than a lot people think I bet Storie & Adams are glad its over.

  • Well done Tim for finding this our and well done Peter Storrie (or his office) for responding .. Nice one fellas… It would have been nice to see Benji back but let’s face it fellas it ain’t gonna happen now surely .. He’ll be 31 in August .. realistically do we really want/can we expect a 31 year old forward do do a job week in week out.. especially when he’ll have so much to live up to..

  • Its a nice thought to think Benji might be back in the summer! I did get the impression though, that TA isn’t particularly enamoured with him.

  • I know you love Benji at Fratton Park, we’re not as keen on him in Manchester. It’s unfortunate that he was out injured, because the move north has clearley not suited the player. Please feel free to try and re sign him in the summer, I suspect that he does not feature in City’s long term plans. Will always have fond memories of Benji for his goal at OT in the derby and his good attitude, but think he should hold his hands up and do a Robbie Keane.

  • THing is fifthcolumnblue.. Benjani never put his hand up in the first place.. Unlike Keane he didn’t want to leave or think he was bigger or better than what he is/was.. Benjani was just used as a pawn by Redknapp as a leverage (or cash) to get Defoe.. I alwasy felt a bit sad that Benjani was at City while Pompey were have their finest moment in out history for years.. Benjani deserved to be part of that.. ah well that’s football I guess !

  • chix – you say you felt sad. He actually commented in the press that it was like a nightmare, and wished he would “wake up still a pompey player”

  • Hopefully we’ll resign him in the summer :o) Totally understand why PS didn’t want to sign him just yet. Another good decision i think

  • mmmmm, maybe its better to wait till the summer, still thing we should get players, even if a bit unfit, they will be fit in time, and will help us then!

  • Benjy when you want to go back, tell me and i will pop over to Manchester and pick you up, it will be great to have you back.

  • When Storrie replies, it really is Storrie not his office. I sent a vote of Praise for a memeber of his stewarding staff a few months back. I emailed Storrie, and i told the Stewrad i had emailed him too, as so many people moan but not enough congratulate in this world. I got a reply from Storrie saying thanks, and when i went to the club a few weeks later, the i asked the steward if he had been thanked. He said Peter Storrie, went and saw him personally and thanked him which i thought was great for the steward, and also made me appreciate that my comments were not to a pair of deaf ears

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