Date: 2nd March 2011 at 4:10pm
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If anyone can honestly put their hand on their heart and tell me that they did, or still do, expect Dave Nugent to still be a Pompey player next season then I would be surprised.

Lets face it the guy has to be on at least £20,000 p/w although I still feel it is nearer the £30,000, and I know this is a debate that has raged for ages, so with a need to shave off around 50% of that for a new contract it was/is never gonna happen, right?

Steve Cotterill has said, and he seems to take it quite personally, that he feels it will be a shame following all the time and effort that has been put in with him this season to, almost it seems from what he says, ‘make him the player he has become’ if he then upped sticks and left when his contract ends.

He ‘might’ be enjoying his football and he ‘might’ even be pretty happily settled into life with Portsmouth Football Club these days but what it ALL boils down to, for the vast majority of players these days, is money and if so much needs to be reduced from a current salary it is near on a dead certainty that he will go to another club that offers more.

To be honest, for all his work ethic and enthusiasm the ability that Nugent needs to be a regular at a ‘decent’ premier league clubs makes it unlikely that he would ever play for one, regularly at least, that will always be safely secured of a place in the top flight so a lower end side, ‘probably’ flirting with relegation most the time is where he would end up for me.

With all due respect to these clubs, the likes of Wigan, Blackpool and maybe Wolves – should any or all remain in the premier league – would be the ones that looked at him, then again how much would they pay him?

£10,000, maybe £15,000 tops?

So, not ‘really’ much more than we could or would I suspect but enough to make a difference, to him and an agent, plus he has the tag of being a ‘premier league footballer’ again.

‘Perhaps’ Nugent will still surprise me, well many of us, and opt to sign a new deal on reduced wages, although lets not start banking on it and instead of being overly concerned by it – as nothing can be said or done to change his mind if it is made up – lets, as GoldenBoot recently said in the forum, start looking at new options for next season ourselves.

If we look long and hard enough ‘surely’ we could find a striker as effective as Nugent, but on a much lesser wage and at a nominal, if not free, fee…

All of this said ‘if’ we can pull off, what would be a monumental achievement, a play-off spot and go back up again I would ‘think’ that his mind would soon change!

What are your thoughts on the Dave Nugent contract situation guys? Share them below…


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