Date: 27th May 2010 at 3:18pm
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Until Uncle Avram is ‘officially’ appointed as the West Ham manager this is not the case, although lets face it this is ‘nailed on’ – he, and they, are already moving for players but for whatever reason it seems that he cannot be appointed until after the bank holiday weekend ‘officially’. Then again ‘if’, by some reason this does not happen he WILL get a job somewhere this summer so the question will remain the same, who goes with him?

Once he does get this job, at West Ham or wherever, it is inevitable that he will be looking to return to pick at the Pompey carcass…

To be honest it is not so much the players that I fear going, this has been as ‘nailed on’ as him getting the West Ham job or another since he left, and was always happening regardless. My bigger concern is who from the coaching staff that he will take?

He has clearly struck up a good rapport with Paul Groves and Ian Woan – this worries me as these guys are good at what they do, so we need them around. Also, who knows the kids better than these guys! They will know who is, and who is not, worth a go and ready to make it, now or in the future.

David Coles is one of the best goalkeeping coaches in the business. We have managed to fend off Spurs, a couple of times, and other clubs so PLEASE do not let him go now!

David James is, and was, a fantastic keeper when we signed him but even he has improved areas of his game working with Coles, and the work he did with Asmir Begovic was top drawer. We ‘could’ also have a future England keeper in Liam O’Brien on our hands, so who better to nurture him than Coles.

People will argue that a new manager will want his own team, but will this manager really be given that opportunity to bring in a team – others have not, so why should he be any different? These guys offer a special continuity that we need so I hope that they stay, either as part of the management set-up themselves or under a newly appointed manager as assistants and coaches.

Player wise, although Jamie O’Hara is no one of ours, it has seemed as though it is set-up for him to follow him wherever he goes and he ‘opened this door’ to West Ham before Uncle Avram even went by talking up the club, their potential and the fans – then again the Spurs asking price looks to have scuppered the chances of this?

‘Reports’ continue to ‘claim’ that Kevin-Prince Boateng ‘interests’ him, and perhaps he does, but I am not sure? As the guy will be sold there is every chance he could return to London?

Nadir Belhadj will also sadly go, which is a shame as he is a top player but needs must. I would ‘think’ that he, and others, will show a keen interest in the player.

James is clearly someone that he admires, and this feeling is mutual, so the longer a contract goes unsigned the more chance he could go – a coaching, or managerial role at Fratton is going to have to be combined with a player contract to keep him I reckon. Even though West Ham have Rob Green, I could see him going and James signed as the replacement.

Rocha John Rocha perhaps? A free agent, who could do a job for West Ham? He could be seen as an ideal freebie to bolster his squad…

One of our prize assets is also Marc Wilson, having masterminded the switch to a holding midfielder when the interest starts to get serious for the Irish youngster Uncle Avram would show his hand here I would think?

A player that I would be delighted for him to take would be Tal Ben-Haim – he has been an expensive player for us, and will continue to do so unless we can offload him, doing this ‘might’ even enable us to keep someone that is more worth keeping. Yep, he is another of those that I would drive, even though I cannot, to his next destination! Although something tells me we will not be lucky enough for Uncle Avram to take him on too.

Whatever happens though, hopefully, as he said he would, he will ‘help us’, by not fleecing away everything he can, and those that he does take he will make sure that West Ham offer a ‘fair’ amount so we are not totally screwed over…


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