Date: 21st June 2011 at 9:44am
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An article from member Pompey Malta. He looks at Matt Tubbs; a goalscoring striker that he feels is well worth a gamble.

Every transfer that happens in football is in a way a gamble. In recent history of Portsmouth Football Club, we have seen many gambles taken, and many have proved to be flops: Theo Gekas, David Nugent, John Utaka, Milan Baros and the list goes on and on.

In this delicate time, Portsmouth’s manager Steve Cotterill has to take risks when it comes to transfers.

A 100% gamble, would be Matt Tubbs. This player’s name has surfaced some time or another and if not mistaken, was also linked with Pompey. Tubbs, 26, plays for Crawley Town and featured in the well-known 5th round FA Cup tie against Manchester United and almost scored with an overhead kick. Although Tubbs has played the majority of his career in the Conference National League (Crawley have just been promoted), there is no doubt that he has the scoring instinct, our strikers have been lacking.

In the season 2009/10, playing for Salisbury City he scored 26 goals in 42 appearances. Last season, in 41 appearances, he scored 37. Awesome goal-scoring record, isn’t it? That makes it to just over 90% chance of scoring when he takes the field!

Crawley Town bought Tubbs in July 2010 for a record-fee believed to be of around £70,000. If CSI can come up with the funds (£85,000, maybe?) to lure the goal maniac away from Crawley, we’d have a decent striker who at least scores goals.

Just to answer your question before you ask it, we’d never know if Tubbs could cut it out at this level unless a Championship team gives him this opportunity. We have seen too many flops at Fratton Park, so it’s either a matter of adding another one to the list, or signing an unknown player who would give us goals in return!


Written by Pompey Malta.

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24 Replies to “Who Scores 37 in 41?”

  • I think it might take a little more than £85,000 to prise him away from Crawley but worth a punt I’d agree .. although I’d prefer not to hang our hat on an unproven (at our level) player .. much rather pay a little more and get somebody who can already has a track record (at this level) to speak of… but players have to start somewhere and somebody will give him a chance .. so why not us .. one of our all time legends (Guy Whittingham) was a cheap punt.. and look how many goals he scored for us !

  • Let’s go get him. Can’t lose to be honest? Even if he was rubbish and kept the bench warm, it would be less than we pay some of the better know players, who may still only keep the bench warm.

  • Midge are you offering the £87,000 it would take to get him? Why can’t we lose? If he doesn’t make it Pompey has wasted £87k that they are not likely to get back, the kids value is in being a prospect.

  • Malta, Gekas wasn’t a major gamble, having Paul Harte as his manager was, Gekas queried the managers radek sand why he had been brought to Pompey for such negative play. We now know the Greek was right, the Greek by the way went on to be a consistent goal scorer when he left Pompey, as he was before he arrived.

  • dunno he is 26 so not exactly a young prospect… but 37 in 41 in league 2 isn’t exactly to be sniffed at. And i would agree with Russellm on Gekas the guy wasn’t a flop the manager was!

  • totally agree with chixy’s point, would much rather take a gamble and be able to pay far less in wages to someone unproven like tubbs – who would be hungry to take his chance – than shell out £15,000 p/w or so to someone ‘proven’ that has the ‘hunger’ like kitson!

  • Wasn’t there a player at Farnborough Town that we were looking at earlier? I’m gonna have to go and try and work it out.

  • I believe it was Bradley Bubb, and he came and had a trial with us. He has recently signed for Aldershot though after his just over 1 in 2 goal scoring record.

  • m@, he scored 37 in 41 in the Conference League, one league below League 2. Regarding Gekas, I said he was a flop just because for a reason or another, he was here for nothing… he is a great goal scorer otherwise. Tubbs, would take peanuts as wages, and yes I’d pay even £100 to get him here. Kitson takes this amount of money away from Pompey in a month in wages…

  • We have signed so many duff strikers over the years why not another? Add him to Scott McGarvey, Maitland Pollock, Trevor Senior (made it at Reading I agree), Colins Mbesuma, Rory Allen, Ian Baird, Peter Price, Azar Karadas, Lee Mills, Ivica Mornar, Emanuel Olisadebe – no thanks!

  • well if we can get him nice and cheap why not? we could probably get a decent proven scorer 4 nothing i’m sure theres some out there so get tubbs and a proven scorer

  • What about DJ Campbell? He made big leaps and is now sought after by Premier League teams. If we can get this Tubbs guy for less than 100k he is worth a shout. If he flops we can loan him out to a lower league team and hope for a fee if he cuts it in the lower divisions.

  • What about DJ Campbell? He made big leaps and is now sought after by Premier League teams. If we can get this Tubbs guy for less than 100k he is worth a shout. If he flops we can loan him out to a lower league team and hope for a fee if he cuts it in the lower divisions.

  • i agree with u bob at this moment he’s definately worth a punt cos we need players. if we could get campbell that would b great but i think he’ll hold out 4 a move 2 the prem

  • Agree with you Bob… I would bring him asap! Better than a certain Nugent for sure and another Kitson!

  • Guys, while I was writing this article, I was looking at some of his goals on youtube and he has quality and technique. He didn’t seem lost when they played Man United either. I cannot imagine how much his morale would be boosted if he had to be signed by a championship team! Come on SC…. We want him here!

  • thing is Malta theres a huge difference in class between conf and champ, and at 26 i really doubt he’d cut it or i’d assume he’d have made it by now. That said IF we could get him on trail for a week or 2 and he proved to be good enough then sure but i don’t think i would take the risk without a trail just because money is so tight at the moment

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