Date: 11th December 2007 at 6:30pm
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Only 14 players in January! Who are the two Redknapp isn’t counting…

This week Redknapp has consistently said that when he loses Muntari, Utaka, Kanu and Papa Diop to the African Cup of Nations in January he will be down to only 14 players.

He obviously only means outfield players as he said that he needs 14 players for a match day. So I thought I would have a look at our squad to see who these 14 players were.

I can understand him not counting Richard Duffy as he has never really made the first team and Martin Cranie has a broken leg so that counts him out.

However from what I can see we are still left with 16 outfield players. So who are the two players who are not considered good enough? Or which players does Redknapp know won’t be here as soon as the transfer window opens?

Here are the 16 (not 14) players I see………

Primus (Will be fit by January)



My best guess is that Traore was not included as he may have been expected to leave for the African Cup of Nations as well with Mali.

Although Redknapp has never mentioned his name as one of the players going and he always says he is losing 4 players in January so this might not be the case. He hasn’t made the squad now anyway so it will be interesting to see if Redknapp now says he has 15 players.

The only player I think Redknapp could not be including is Arnold Mvuemba. Maybe he is not considered good enough yet for a run in the team a key stage of the season?? He has always looked good to me though when he has come off the bench.

All I can do is guess but it looks like a very clear message to me that one or two of these 16 players will not be playing for Portsmouth even if we are down to the ‘bare bones’.

I just wonder who they are…………

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21 Replies to “Who is Redknapp not counting in his thoughts?”

  • nice article Premier_Pompey – yet another newbie submitting their thoughts, keep ’em coming fellas…

  • tbh i cannot see linvoy being fit in january, so that would take us doen to 15 – but would expect cranie to be fit so that would take us back up to 16… if duffy and songo’o were also included that would be 18, but these 2 fellas wont get a look-in will they? i think as you say traore could have been counted as going and hughes and/or lauren will both leave wont they so this could be where he is getting his ’14 fit players’ from?

  • Bearing in mind the gathering rumours about Matty T being allowed to leave for Spurs if he so desires, is he including him in that 14?

  • good point mate – that is more than possible isnt it, you would think that richard highes, who has also spoken about leaving could be one too?

  • he may have written some players off already (hughes) and I agree that primus wont be fit by january. I think he will be counting on mvuemba, I think he will play an active role off the bench

  • i think that there will be alot going off in the transfer window for pompey but whatever happens i think pompey will finish strong this season …and this is come from a man utd fan 😛 ..

  • i would guess he asnt including lauren and traore in the 16 – as both are eligible for playing in the cup. If not, then traore/hughes/mvuemba could be the ones he means, as none have really made an impression on the squad before (i think Huges has had 1 start?) – and then there are the players that could be leaving (already decided?). all the same, he was probably trying to take the lowest feasble number, in order to emphasise his point…its why statistics can be so misleading!

  • i think this could be typical harry, writing off our chances and then pulling someone out of nowhere, like mvuemba or songo’o. the national press wouldnt know too much about these, particularly the latter, so maybe harry is playing down our chances, giving teams a false sense of security!

  • i wouldnt have any problems with mvuemba coming in – i really thought he looked a classy player last season and he ‘might’ have enough power to help fill the void left by muntari and papa smurf alittle… mate i have been hoping the same thing about songo’o, i thought that maybe he was being sent out on loan to prepare him and ‘arry might give him a go when utaka goes away – its still probably a long shot but i would like to see it happen.

  • cheers Jakk-United-2007, its good to see that fans of teams such as united are also taking notice of pompey.

  • “Hes got his little Y-fronts and his got his little vest,
    Hes got his little parting in his hair,
    Hes got his little trousers and hes got his little shoes,
    And he wants a bit of Wembley up you-know-where,

    Hes got his little jacket and hes got his little shirt,
    Hes got his little notif on his tie,
    Hes got his little raincoat and hes got his little hat,
    And he wants a bit of Wenbley up his I yi yi,

    Dont call Harry a human potato, dont call Harry a spud,
    Dont call Harry a walking King Edward, Harrys made of flesh and blood”

  • Sorry I couldn’t resist, I’ve been wanting to use that for ages. It’s as if the song is made for him. Anyways…. Mvuemba could do a good little job filling in for Muntari. We should have the Rock of Davis back and even Mendes looked like he was getting back in the swing of things against Villa so I have no qualms about him coming in. Taylor should easily walk back in. If we sign one or two and get couple of loans I reckon we’ll be fine.

  • I’ve been wondering who he has meant in his 14 but am still none the wiser… He’ll buy in January anyway so I can’t see it being a problem…unless of course he buys more Africans.!!!

  • it really is hard to know who ‘arry is and isnt including in his thoughts – for nuge and matty taylor to be sold would be madness – unless they want to go, then that is fair enough, he has little choice…

  • send me an email through vital pompey – just click the envelope and write your email explaining what you are wanting to do and i will get it passed on to the vital people mate…

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