Date: 19th February 2010 at 11:38am
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You would often answer this questions with, ‘at the beginning’ although where is the beginning? This alone would take several days to answer, so lets just start at the beginning of the past 24-hours or so…

It has been another ‘strange’, to put it mildly, time for Pompey fans in this period. A time that ‘seems’ as though those behind the scenes at Portsmouth Football Club are looking at various plans, A, B, C etc. for various scenarios that ‘could’ happen in the next week or so as our attempts to desperately avoid going out of business, at times, seem to take on almost ‘desperation stakes!’

Thursday saw the revelation that we had asked about the possibility of selling players outside of the transfer window. This was put to the FA and premier league who passed it onto Fifa, apparently. And this is something that is already having conflicting reactions, some ‘reports’ say that Fifa HAVE sanctioned this action under a ‘crisis club’ ruling, with others saying they will throw it out without a second thought…

So, can we sell players outside of the transfer window?

Who knows! Even if we could what the ramifications for player and club would be God only knows…

Then you have to ask what exactly is this money being raised for?

I know it sounds a stupid question as we have the taxman to pay off but we ALSO have wages to pay at the end of this month – so most worryingly of all IS the though is this money looking to be raised MERELY to pay our monthly wages, let alone pay off the taxman…

Balram Chainrai has made it ‘perfectly clear’ that he is not going to put anymore money into the club, sorry but ‘if’ he is still around come pay day then the guy has NO option but to put his hand in his pocket, to find a third owner that is unwilling to do this is absolutely scandalous! Although we past that long ago, right?

Do we have a clearer answer as to what the outcome of the ‘selling outside of the transfer window idea?

Probably not…Should we be allowed? I would have to say no!

THEN late in the day on Thursday came the FIRST revelations of a ‘saviour’

The News reported at around 11pm that a South African consortium was ‘close’ to completing a takeover at Fratton. Worryingly, seen as The News is not always the bastion of accuracy, they ‘seem’ to suggest that this could be done by the end of the weekend?

A thorough ‘due diligence’ session going on this…It is also being said that this group is the group that approached Gaydamak back along about a takeover?

Not enough?

Well, hot on the heels of that – and as had been the ‘tip off’ I was expecting – came The Guardians ‘claims’ that New Zealand businessman Victor Cattermole, the owner of the Hong Kong based Endeavor investment company, was interested in saving the club and would clear debts within a year. Although this approach WOULD undergo a thorough 30-day due diligence check to leave no stone unturned, so this group was ‘in no hurry’ to get this done.

Most worryingly of all this Victor Cattermole and Endeavor investments company are ‘said’ to look shady? I have not, and in all honesty do not think I have the enegery to look myself, so I will not…

Either way, whatever truth, or no-truth there is to any of this TIME is something that we have very little of!

Well to cap ALL of this off today we have the proposal from David Gold that he wants to ‘loan’ Pompey £10m to prevent us from going out of business…

You can argue all you like that Gold is ‘a football man’ and should be applauded for this, personally I cannot see why you would applaud this, he is not doing this for our benefit (Pompey fans), but this proposal – which is ‘believed’ WOULD NOT be sanctioned by the premier league anyway, although with all the chaos of this season who knows what the premier league will do anymore – opens up so many bones of contention it is unreal.

Gold may well be this ‘football man’ but there is NO WAY he would even contemplate this if it were not for the fact that West Ham would lose 4pts ‘if’ we went out of business – by his own admission that is the case!

A loss of 4pts would drag West Ham right back down the table and he knows, given their own debts, that relegation would most probably see the end of his own football club! I am not being fooled by his way of thinking, far from it.

I of course want Portsmouth Football Club to survive but do we really want to take on yet more debt, and yet more controversy as it is likely from this?

If ANYONE should be footing this bill it is Balram Chainrai, he ‘seized control’ of Portsmouth Football Club so it is HIS responsibility, despite his – and to be fair – up front thoughts that he would not be putting anymore money into the club.

Too many people over the years have been more concerned about what they can get out of this club than what they can put in, their game of ‘chicken’ is getting close to the point where they will ALL lose out, in all honesty I could not give a stuff if they do, but know if they do they are not the real losers and these real losers are the ones I do care about!

So, as always we know WE would be those ultimate losers, the ones that DO care!

Chainrai must either put his hand in his pocket to pay the monthly wages and the taxman or he puts us into, as much as I have never wanted this, administration and loses what he has put in – or most of it. We cannot take any more handouts, we cannot keep delaying what could ultimately be inevitable. This club must survive but it is time that one poxy owner owned up to their responsibilities, at least for once before they sod off and leave us in peace, which is the ‘fairytale’ ending we must still hope for…

FFS all I have EVER wanted to do on this site is talk about football, on-the-pitch and not off it, I have long since got sick and tired of having to write about this and that going on, and going on that has no part in it!


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