Date: 30th June 2010 at 8:21pm
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The pain of failure at the world cup was clearly not felt by the playboy footballers, Dave_S139 looks at this and asked WHY it meant so little, giving some answers too.

The World Cup has been a welcome distraction from the frustrations of supporting Pompey recently but our national team did little to entertain us during the summer break from the league. It was bad enough to only reach the last sixteen but the pain was worsened by the fact that it was at the hands of old rivals Germany. And the manner of the defeat rubbed even more salt into a very open wound.

Expectations were understandably high but it is even clearer now that the level of wages paid to English players equates far less ability levels when compared to many others. As far as English players are concerned, at international level, you don’t get much for your £60,000 per week. The pre-tournament friendlies against Mexico and Japan flattered to deceive, the results simply providing a smokescreen that hid various frailties. The likes of Rooney and others look very! good in The Premiership when they are up against the likes of (with all due respect to them) a Titus Bramble or a Danny Shittu but they have for some time now proven that they can fall way short of the required standard when they pit their skills against players and teams at international level. And at their clubs in the Premiership, the English are often surrounded by overseas talent that do an awful lot of the donkey work that then allows the player to shine and, dare I say it, look better than they actually are.

We struggled against the USA although should possibly still have won; we were generally second best against Algeria – thank goodness they didn’t have a striker; and we were far from convincing against the mighty Slovenia before being completely outplayed to the point of embarrassment against the Germans (regardless of Lampard’s goal that should have counted).

And to top it all off, the England team travelled back to Rustenburg just hours after the game and we we’re presented with the sight of Ashley Cole and Ledley King getting off of the plane laughing their socks off about something.

How quickly do they get over a defeat and the failure to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup!!

The national press (bless ’em) also chipped in with a photograph showing several members of the squad relaxing with cigars and drinks, again very soon after the final whistle. Do these guys actually care enough about winning and losing?

It would certainly be nice if they shared the joke with the rest of us!

Written by Dave_S139.

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10 Replies to “What’s the joke then lads?”

  • There was something seriously wrong within the squad which translated into the poor performances that we saw in South Africa.

    Seeing these things makes me think that players should be rewarded on performance rather than just picking up the salaries that they seem to be paid. Perhaps if they got paid for how they performed, we may see better from the players.

    Added to this, there is also the story of the Blackberry Messenger message that Ashley Cole sent when the squad flew out to Austria for the pre-tournament training camp. If it is true that he sent the message ‘I hate England and the ******* people’ at this time, then he should be truly ashamed.

  • Is it really that they weren’t motivated, and didn’t care? I’m not so sure. It seems to me they were poorly organised, had no team spirit or togetherness and something was wrong between squad and manager. Perhaps even the weight of expectation from back in Blighty was too much – shouldn’t be for obscenely-highly paid professional prima-donas, but still might have been. If it was a club side then a new manager would come in and more than likely it would all come together. But part of the problem might be pulling together little cliques of players who usually play against each other trying to come together as a unit, although that’s another one at the manager’s door too. And I don’t think this keeping them cooped up in the hotel with no contact at all with the WAGS is the right way to go either. They should have been out in the local communities at some stage too, but that’s a different issue.

  • Having said that though, I can take losing (dont like it but can take it) when my team have played their hearts out and done the best they can – but its very hard to take when that wasn’t the case. And it wasn’t.

  • what i will say is whilst capello made his faults ALOT more is down to the players than meets the eye – capello is taking too much of the fall for the shortcomings of the players in that squad, both professionally and privately…
    keep and eye out for a string on paper reports about several of the players from that squad coming out in the weeks ahead, then you will ‘probably’ get a better idea of what REALLY went wrong, and ‘trust me’ it will not make pretty reading!

  • TracyC i think, and according to foreign media the main splits were within the playing squad with JT, Lennon and Cole on one side and Gerrard and most others on the other. Rooney was pretty much disliked by both sides. Rhe papers also say that on top of Terry’s bitterness at losing the captains arm band all the main ego’s were distracted by major off pitch concerns. I think Capello needs to learn various lessons but we have tried every type of manager (I for one prefer the pro rigour type as all the great managers seem to be) and it’s clear now the problem is not the managers it is as Europe says with the players.
    problem is with the players.

  • (few comments removed … can’t put up the rumours and saying alledged does not cover against a libel. There is a court injunction blocking these rumours, please don’t repeat!)

  • With everything that went on at Pompey last season I can?t remember David James ever having such a shambolic defence in front of him than the one we saw against Germany. Surely that is down to the manager, especially one who is on £6M a year? He may not be the most popular person at Pompey at the moment but Harry Redknapp would definitely be my choice.

  • Why should you be paid to represent your country?! Is it that much of a burden to these players that they won’t even bother unless their paid vast amounts of money. I’ts disgusting they are allowed to represent our country when their are many other (lesser name) players who would give more than 110% and couldn’t have done any worse than what we just seen. I for one don’t think you should be paid to represent your country as it should be a big enough honour in itself to have been selected. I’m also glad that most of the team won’t be playing in the next world cup as they will be to old, but as they will be involved with qualification games then we might not even get there judged on recent showings!

  • The whole sorry state is a disgrace .. and now we have to deal with not discussing rumours in fear of a libel case .. FFS what has happened to the game of Football … With what happened to Pompey .. and now this ********* with England makes you really wonder why you follow the game ..personally I think I have really had enough

  • Agree with your sentiments Chix. It’s us, the fans, who are the mugs, spending too much of our hard earned money to subsidise these so called top professionals extravagant (to the point of being obscene) lifestyles.

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