Date: 6th November 2012 at 3:24pm
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An article from pastyman, from a comment shared in the forum, giving some views on Appy whatever happens next.

With much speculation, but nothing telling us either way what is happening with Appy, no one really knows what to think!

This comment, from pastyman in the forum made in response to various comments, made for good reading so it is being share front page too…

I don’t necessarily disagree or agree on this one – too many possibilities for me.

We’ve never been in a position whereby Appy could prove what a good manager he could be.

There is certainly potential there as he can clearly persuade players that they should sign for his team even in the most difficult times as plenty could have jumped ship between pre-season and the end of the transfer window – monthly contracts work both ways! However, a majority of substitutions were forced on Appy due to injuries or match fitness rather than being made with intent to change things tactically and, even when chasing games and with forwards on the bench, he hasn’t always made the change. Likewise, formations have often been selected based on who is actually available to play!

Having no resources to speak of can be seen as hampering the manager in the job he has to do, however, it can also be used as a smokescreen to hide any tactical shortcomings. Maybe long enough for someone to identify that he has good man-management skills and hiring him on that basis without realising the tactical side of management needs more development.

That said, I think Appy really does appreciate the dedication of the fans, especially in such dire circumstances and, despite having great support from staff working with me, I too have “jumped ship” in the past on receipt of a better offer. My family need to be provided for above anything else so, although generally a loyal employee, I too have been tempted enough to go elsewhere.

I have also been tempted to move on when I’ve seen the ‘writing on the wall’ in terms of working for a company disintegrating before my very eyes. Let’s not kid ourselves here – the club hasn’t had any takeover finalised yet and those most likely to know how that is going are those closest to the club.

Personally? I’ve always liked Appy and would be sad to see him go but I can’t honestly say he will make a good manager here or anywhere else as I’ve yet to see him actually manage a team. So far, circumstances have only really allowed him to assemble one and then let the gods decide who plays when and where and for how long.

Whatever happens, I’d say one thing – At least he was here when we needed him. Some weren’t and others were here long after they should have been and rather than helping the club, hindered it to the point that it very nearly didn’t recover.

Written by pastyman, and originally posted in this forum thread – Appy Staying – here.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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4 Replies to “Whatever happens he was here when we needed him”

  • Whatever the next few hours/days bring, MA has done himself proud & can hold his head high. He will move on as we will. Next debate will be who do want in if it should happen?

  • Have to agree with pasty that he says never had the chance to prove if he is a good manager but he has proved that he is a hard working loyal employee who will never buckle whatever is thrown at him – and that will do for me!!

  • Sorry guys but the above two comments are pure emotional twaddle. I actually quite like the bloke but he has far from proven himself as a competent manager. As for being loyal and never buckling… come on Dave you’re having a laugh, the bloke hasn’t made a year in the job and has been touting himself to all and sundry. And to quote a comment from a Pompey fan in the Mail – “Michael Appleton should think very carefully before agreeing anything with Karl Oyston. A man who is willing to see a fellow football club that has been brought to its knees by unscrupulous businessmen, receive nothing for a manager who is still under contract with PFC. This is the same man who drove out Ian Hollaway, making it impossible for him to remain at BFC, and then demanded compensation for him from Palace. Appy, you have the chance to make history with the new owners of Pompey…the fans. We will never act like Karl Oyston, Our motivation is to get PFC back where we belong, not to line our own pockets. Before making a decision ask yourself if you can trust Karl Oyston”…. PUP

  • He came to us untested and thought he was onto a good thing with the new owners, CSI. But that all went pear-shaped. He manfully struggled on with loanees and monthly contract players but has hardly been convincing tactics wise. As soon as the PST became front runners he’s wanted out. A good manager? – unproven. Loyal? – no. He’s only here because he has nowhere else to go as yet.

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