Date: 22nd May 2009 at 1:58pm
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The ‘will he’, ‘wont he’ leave Pompey debate surrounding Glen Johnson is likely to be an almost daily issue until we confirm one way or the other what our intentions are with the player!

Vital’s Liverpool and Spurs have run articles in the past 24-hours, and both are not against this – although neither seem totally convinced, which I guess is the way it is as they do not see him ever week do they!

The common theme with Vital Liverpool seems to be they would like to sign him but do not think he is worth £15m! I say he is not worth a penny less than £15m!

On Vital Spurs they run with the ‘what would you do if you were Johnson’ approach, and on the whole I think most agree that he is a quality footballer, I would go as far to say he is world-class, or at least verging on the point of this, but as they have ‘a million right backs’ as it is they feel other areas are of higher priority – that suits me fine, I would happily see him stay here if they did not want him…

Problem is they clearly do not know ‘Jamie’s Dad’ as well as they will do in time, what he has and what he actually needs do not often come into his thinking – if he wants something, or someone, he will get it more often than not even if he does not really need it!

I think I make it fairly clear that I feel he will leave in the summer but, and you always have to have a ‘but’, my hopes have raised ‘slightly’ over the past few days as I am hearing more and more positive thoughts coming from those I know and the thoughts are we have a very good chance of being taken over this summer…

Should that happen it ‘should’ put a whole new complexion on what is going to happen with the club this summer.

I am not expecting us to get a ‘multi trillionaire’ or anything like that, as we will not, but the ‘word on the street’ that I am getting is we will get someone, or someone’s, in who are looking for consolidation next season, and this ‘should’ mean retaining most of what we have – even if some ‘free agents’ are released with a few players coming in to supplement them. They will come in and look at ‘the project’ as a longer-term thing, and will not be looking for ‘instant fixes’. So the ‘need’ to sell the likes of Johnson, Crouch and Kranjcar will almost boil down to their own desire to want to go…

This is where my ‘what would I do’ thoughts come in!

Look at it this way Johnson knows where his bread is bettered, if he was unhappy at Pompey do you really think that he would have signed a new 4-year contract in January?

He knows without fail he will play week-in-week-out next season at Pompey, and that for me could be worth more to him than ‘the lure’ of champions league football with Liverpool, as he might not get this luxury with them not matter how good he is – we all know that Rafa likes to rotate things around, and that ‘might’ cost him his place in the England squad.

We know that ‘he’ loves the guy as he is ‘one of his golden boys’ but no matter how much he rates him sometimes moves do not work out for players, and who is to say a move to Spurs would work out? For that matter who is to say that it would not of course!

As the old adage goes ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’, and I suspect that Johnson knows this all too well and will be wanting to take this into account…

As much as I think that he will leave this summer, unless we are taken over without a doubt, I do not for one minute actually think that he ‘wants’ to go!

Money talks though, and as much as plenty of player do ‘hold clubs to ransom’ at times clubs also do this, often claiming ‘they have no other option’, so I suspect leaving Pompey would not be his choice – the only choice he would make would be where he went but there is a good chance at this point in time that like Kanu, who has again stressed his desire to stay here – I have written a little something on this in the forum so for more on this click here – this is also out of his hands…

So all in all, to a large degree it does not matter ‘what I would do’, from his point of view and not mine, the same goes for others, it all boils down to ‘what the club will do!’


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