Date: 7th October 2009 at 11:38am
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I think it is fair to say that I have been back and forth on Paul Hart as the Pompey manager, but when all is said and done he is the manager so I back him and support him and the side, this said he has really grown on me the past 3-weeks or so.

I also have a lot of respect for the guy, as, at the end of the day – like he himself has said, much like myself and others also have – he took a job that no one else wanted and has done the best he could in difficult circumstances…

Not only this, Hart clearly has the respect and the support of just about each and every player in this squad, and that for me is worth something – they will play for him and the club and give everything, that suits me to be honest as that is all I ask. Who is to say that changing this now would see someone else given the same?

So, with this in mind this makes the ‘reports’ in The Star, which says they are from The Mirror, that he will be ‘replaced at Portsmouth with new owner Ali Al-Faraj keen on a bigger name in charge’ all the more odd!

Gordon Strachan, Alan Curbishley and Roberto Mancini are the names ‘said’ to be under ‘consideration for the Pompey post’.

Chances are this is nothing more than reused and rehashed ‘material’ that was floating around last week sometime, although if not I again seriously question the point in making this change – especially as the side have started to play really well the last few games.

Hart might not have been my first, second maybe even third choice option back in the summer in all honesty but the fact remains that he took it when these guys did not want to know, why should we let them know now! Also he is the manager and has a decent bunch of players playing for him and the club, why bother tampering with this, even more so now as it is not like anyone else can bring in any new players, and would they even get as much, let alone more, out of players than Hart is?

Granted ‘if’ we cannot build on the Wolves win and pick up a decent number of points from the Spurs, Hull and Wigan games then fingers will be getting twitchy… We would just be going around in circles by making a change now and as the title says ‘what would be the point?’


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