Date: 14th March 2012 at 2:58pm
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Pompey administrator Trevor Birch, in his interview with BBC Sport today, says that he cannot understand the ‘dislike’ towards Balram Chainrai.

Nor does he feel that the money ‘owed’ to him (some £14m-£29m depending on where you read it or what you are told is the potential amount with interest incurred on his initial ‘input’) is a ‘stumbling block‘ to us finding a new owner…

If Birch can clarify once and for all exactly what Chainrai’s investment of funds was used for and where the money so quickly disappeared to then that would be a decent starting point, right?

Can Birch also explain that if the money that Chainrai wants back is not the ‘stumbling block’ for any would be owner then what exactly is the stumbling block then?

Wages are high, way too high, I get this but can that really be the main issue putting people off first and foremost?

I appreciate that an unsustainable wage bill, some £12.5m per year, will do little to encourage an owner to come in so if letting every bugger go and us almost starting again by scratching around to bring in players on a wages of £2,500-£4,000 per week – if that is a realistic amount in football these days, which I am not sure it is? – enables us the chance to survive so be it!

I will quite happily, as soul destroying and heartbreaking as it is to see the club continually decimated, accept this entire squad as we know it now moving on and being replaced by players on wages that give us a sustainable future, whatever level it sees us playing at!

If that is enough to keep the club afloat then it is a no-brainer!

First and foremost if only it was that easy eh…but surely it is not as simple as that though, is it?!

I am totally puzzled by Birch’s latest thoughts I have to say.

If debts of some £20m or so, at least, to former owners (and that is owners alone – forgetting debts on the existing CVA and whatever is agreed on a new CVA to get us out of admin) are not the ‘stumbling block’ then what exactly the hell is?

An unsustainable, yet seemingly rapidly reducing, wage bill (which like I say if it is the answer to keep doing this then needs must we keep doing that but I remain unconvinced that is it the main factor) cannot be that major stumbling block surely…


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