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What does Pompey mean to NZ_Portsmuff? Find out more to the answer of PompeyFrippy’s question – read on for more.

About a month ago I asked what it meant to you to be a Pompey Fan. Many thanks to those who took part in replying and apologies that it took so long for me to put this article together, but here it is.

Portsmouth, like most clubs, pride themselves on having a loyal, passionate fanbase the truly encapsulates what it means to share this fanatical obsession with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Of those who took part in this study, responses came from New Zealand, Lithuania, West Africa and even Devon, as well as few from Pompey.

The stories of how they first came about supporting the club vary accordingly, from the common “taken to a game when I was only knee high”, to “falling out of love with football (before visiting Fratton Park and becoming ‘hooked’)”. One of the most interesting stories is about a fan who stumbled across Portsmouth on a computer game, and subsequently watching a Portsmouth game on TV (v Spurs) in doing so finding a new passion which has stuck with him.

With such a widespread set of fans, it would be easy to lose sight or stop caring, especially given the courage it has taken to keep following the club over the last few years. But not with our fans, who all state the need find a way of listening to the match every Saturday, regardless of where they are in the world, and what the time is locally. Fratton Park often sees crowds in excess of 16,000, but that can be multiplied to account for those who are listening at home and are there ‘in spirit’.

Even those who can get to the matches on a regular basis have to pull out all the stops to make it, with some spending most their time and money travelling to the match just to spend 2 hours watching a game of football, which often ends up in disappointment. But ask any one of them, and I’m relatively certain they wouldn’t want it any other way.

As for the future, there is a clearly an overwhelming urge to pass on this legacy, many have memories of being taken to Fratton Park with their Dads, and to re-live that from the opposite perspective will be equally, if not more rewarding for the Fathers (& Mothers) in question. In one sense, going to the football is a family event, extended by those who consider the fans to be one big (very noisy) family.

So sit back and enjoy the accounts of those who contributed over the next few days (they will be added one at a time), and thank you very much for sharing your stories/memories/emotions…

Written by PompeyFrippy.

Firstly lets start with some history, I was born and raised in Pompey, been a Pompey fan most of my life (good start) about 14 years ago I moved to New Zealand where I still reside in the Earthquake Prone and ravaged Christchurch area!

Do I regret moving to New Zealand? Even given the current situation with Earthquakes just about every day and the knowledge that so many people have died in these terrible events? I would have to say NO, I love it here, it is a beautiful place with generally very nice people.

But…I do have 3 big regrets about living here in NZ….in this order:

1. I miss Fratton Park, going to match days, laughing screaming and shouting so hard I cant even talk when I leave the ground, The joy, the passion and the feeling of being properly gutted.

2. I miss my family, they are all in Pompey and the surrounding areas.

3. This one is gonna sound real sad…….. I miss Asda’s (shopping here is not brilliant).

I have been a Pompey Fan for as long as I can remember (I am now 36). It is really difficult to explain the full range of emotions that are presented by the Pompey experience. I can still remember when I got my first Pompey shirt, I was so happy I thought I was gonna fly to the moon! Alas I also remember plenty of dark, dark suffocating, agonising times, which is why its so difficult to explain the range of emotions. What I think is true is that the blue blood truly course’s through my veins. It must do or I wouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of my time reading articles and forums to get my fix of Pompey everyday.

Being a Pompey fan often makes me stupid! Why? Because I make silly bets with people about the outcomes of matches, let me tell you, I have won the odd bet or two, but on the whole I end up paying out more than I receive, but it doesn’t stop me doing it anyway, I do it because of the un-swerving belief that we can win any match that we go in to, unnerved, undaunted and sometimes unrealistic my passion builds up inside and I just cant help myself.

Pompey till I die is a great expression, because it really sums up what I have been trying to convey, I have a Pompey tattoo that will be with me till I go, I have all of my shirts and scarfs and memorabilia from the past twenty years here with me, I don’t fit most of the shirts now (and NO I’m not too small for the shirts!!!!), but I cant face throwing them away, maybe that’s because I am geographically challenged in respect of Portsmouth, 1600 Pound for a home game alas I cannot afford! Perhaps because I don’t have the ability to get my Pompey fix, as dare I say it most of the guys on here probably do, that’s why I keep all of these things and why I spend so much time glued to the computer (prem footy would be better, at least I get to see more than a 5 second byte on the footy league show!).

That last thing that really should be mentioned is Scum, I have grown up with a proper hatred of the team up the road, I always thought that it would be great to see us as the better team on the South Coast, and I have to say I have gloated with old mates, stuck the boot in where possible (Verbally Speaking) and generally enjoyed our position over the past few years, but now I realise a couple of things, I still hate the Scum, I still want us to be number one on the South Coast, but I have a new hunger rising for the Derby games against them this year, I cant wait! (So maybe we should be in the same division all of the time, I say get us both back to the Prem which would be especially good for me personally). The second thing is that I thought all Scummers were complete tossers (a view I have been bought up with) but on this forum my mind has been somewhat changed by an ever present seemingly pleasant Southampton supporter who is SFCForever. SFCForever has commented many times during our recent upheavals, trials and tribulations, he has been seemingly genuine in his hope that we survived as a club to re commence the battles that we all thrive upon, he has opened my eyes a little and so to him I say thank you, bring on the battles!!

Well I guess that just about sums up how I feel, I am a patron of the greatest football club in the world bar none, we are not the richest club, and likely never will be, we don’t play the best football in the world, we cant afford the best players, we don’t have a flash new hi tech stadium, or even a decent car park. Our youth system is shot to pieces, the training facilities are woefully inadequate and we have had to put up with endless streams of bullshit in the past few years, but I still wouldn’t change clubs for the world, I love it, It is fantastic!! Oh and winning the FA Cup was pretty good too!!!

Written by NZ_Portsmuff.

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  • Excellent piece NZ…i wasn’t going to bother reading it: how many times can you read, cut me in half and i bleed blue?! But i really enjoyed your take on it…Loved the Asda comment, made me chuckle! agree about SFCforever too! he brings a rational side to the rivalry. Hope you get to see more than 5 secs a week this year…

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