Date: 27th June 2010 at 7:15pm
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As the title says, what a complete and utter shambles, England today, that was eh!

Yep we SHOULD have had a goal to have made it 2-2, it was so clearly over the line it was unreal, but the defending was woeful and lets face it England HAVE NOT been good enough at this world cup and deserve to come home, the saving grace was that this did not happen a few days earlier so this gave the travelling fans more time in South Africa for their sacrifice, they are the ones I really feel sorry for…

Passionless, that is the main thing that I think we have seen from this bunch of overpaid, and under performing, prima donnas at this world cup and I am sick and tired of this from the modern day footballer.

It used to mean something to represent your country, it was an honour, but it seems all the more as if this is something that is not the case for far too many these days with that honour removed with an air, seemingly, of complacency from too many – taking it for granted that they will get in regardless. It ‘seems’ as if this is spreading with some other European sides in international football too though be honest.

Whilst following your club or your country, home and abroad, is about more than just the football – it is the whole package of the journey, the culture, the camaraderie and the people you spend this with, although in all honesty I am seriously having a rethink about doing this with England next season. I planned to join up with the EnglandFans membership and travel, as much as possible to the away games to build up my caps to go to Ukraine and Poland in 2012 although I DO NOT think that I will…

As said, whilst the football is actually just a part of the package if we are going to be seeing a shambles like that and a complete lack of passion and commitment, from apparently ‘world-class’ performers, I cannot justify spending some £300 per game when England play abroad for what will be, in effect, a ‘jolly up’ – I would be better off actually going on holiday for a week or so with friends or the girlfriend, right?

To be fair the manager cannot escape criticism either.

Yep, he had been outstanding, when it really mattered, in getting us to where we got although something has not seemed right for the whole world cup process – perhaps his style, whilst not exactly a bad thing, is not suited for international tournament football in the modern era? Spending a few days with players, not really communicating with them, announcing a team hours before a game and being as regimental as he is meant to ‘probably’ works when you are only together for a few days, not when this is weeks…

Then again it comes back to the pampered playboys I guess, so used to ‘getting their own way’ they think they are above the manager and can throw their toys out of the pram if they cannot have it their way.

Again, in many ways, is this not another spin off of the monster that is the premier league, and what it has done to ‘ruin’ football and continues to destroy it?

Tactically Fabio Capello has got things wrong at this tournament, and more than one. There seems to be this continued insistence on picking players no matter what they have done before, or how their selection leaves them played out of position or with an unbalanced looked to the side. And as for Emile Heskey, FFS we needed goals so why bring on that donkey and take off Jermain Defoe, someone that actually is a goal threat!

Things REALLY need to change, if that means turfing the majority of this group out and bringing in some younger, hungrier – even if they are ‘less talented’ – youngsters so be it, in all honesty I would prefer to see more guys come in, and not superstar names, ‘if’ they will play with pride and passion and give 100% all the time, even if they lose all the time!

Oh, and of course this means ‘Pompey at the world cup’ will no longer include David James

Say what you will about Pompey from last season, we might have lacked quality but we NEVER, or rarely, lacked that full commitment, passion or pride and you cannot understate how much this actually does to a team – it can actually take a lot from that, as we found.

Bring on the real football next season, the no power championship where we will see ‘real football’ with ‘real footballers’ that DO care!


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