Date: 1st November 2010 at 11:52am
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Pompey Malta lavishes praise upon Steve Cotterill, insisting that he is the reason behind the change in fortunes – read on for more.

Just a few weeks ago, Pompey fans couldn’t see Steve Cotterill here for the long term. In fact, many have asked for his head, others wanted Pompey’s board to bide their time before deciding and only a few wanted him to stay no matter what. That was then, and now things are slightly different!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about it all. I can’t see anyone thinking of coming up with this argument again, not as yet at least. Fans are delighted things are starting to look good, with a magnificent run that has been the best in 8 seasons, something Portsmouth’s fans have forgotten how to feel about. But this is happening, and it’s all down to Steve Cotterill. We doubted the man, especially when players he loaned weren’t up to the task, mainly Ibrahima Sonko. On Saturday he answered some questions. Carl Dickinson was another one, even though there are still many doubters who would want him out of the squad, including me.

But, we have to praise the manager because he is the man behind it all. Cotterill has managed to give us hope.

Many would have got rid of John Utaka and Dave Nugent. Both guys are having their best season ever in a Pompey shirt, especially Utaka who is giving his commitment and playing for the shirt. Even Utaka himself has commented about the positive effect Steve has had on him. Nugent is Nugent, but his confidence level has risen thanks to Cotterill who has never lost hope in him.

Another player is Jamie Ashdown. He is improving in every game he plays. He is getting his confidence back, and this is a goalie no one wanted at the end of last year, including the club’s high officials!

Well, things are improving, and I can see us in the Premier League with Steve Cotterill. For some reasons he reminds me of Everton’s David Moyes. Let us just hope he can do what Moyes has done at Everton.

On the negative aspect though, I fear that Cotterill was never thinking of this all. His comments on Sunday regarding this squad, are comments that I feel, were made to cover his bottom, just in case things turn around. Let us just hope that his comments were genuine and true, as we keep on hoping Portsmouth can make it back to Premiership football at the first ask.

There is also the manager of the month award which might complement such a great form. He deserves it.

Written by Pompey Malta.

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14 Replies to “We’ve Cott to Admit it: He’s Behind it All”

  • Hes doing a great job, and i hope that when we hit another bit of bad form (as all clubs do), people remember the good times and stick behind him and the team once more. Please…. no more of this head on chopping blocks please, we need stability and we need success but we also need to stand united through Good and Bad. PuP

  • I will admit that I had got literally to the end of my patience with SC when we were knocked out of the Carling Cup far too easily by Leicester. I was one of those people who said, he simply is not good enough. Well now I am spending my days on Ebay looking for a hat that tastes like humble pie. Well odne SC!

  • Glad he put up with the flack because he’s showing what he can do now with a bit of time and patience from the supporters. Good luck Steve, keep it up!

  • A Minimum Squad , No Funding, & with all the crap that gone on off the field , 6 wins out of seven Matches , our best run in eight years . Need i go on . SC is nothing short than a Miracle worker.

  • I was always saying we had to give him time. He was really up against it at the start, but he’s really shown up those who had his head on the chopping block. He’s doing a smashing job, long may it last.

  • We will hit a slump sooner or later, people just need to remember this month, Cotts has got them playing and seems to have their respect

  • If this group of players can grind it out without too many injuries, then we may be a surprise team to get promotion. We were expected to do well at the beginning of the season, but our start proved otherwise and people have written us off becasue of it. However, it seems to me that Steve was right when he used to comment about the lack of fitness as a main worry. His team is now fit and we are winning games. If we weren’t, we would never manage to keep up with the pressure teams are putting against us when leading by a goal in the last 10 minutes. Well done Steve. Keep it up and you’ll be remembered here for a long time.

  • How long before Harry loses his job and steve toddles off to WHL…Nahhh… well done Steve, i for one was pleased when he got he job, and will be pleased come may i think

  • How long before Harry loses his job and steve toddles off to WHL…Nahhh… well done Steve, i for one was pleased when he got he job, and will be pleased come may i think

  • I believe he is a talented manager and has a good future at the club BUT I have some serious issues with SC. His treatment of Youth players is appalling. Joel ward is a prime example. I think he is one of our best players but, because he is young and inexperienced and “not of top championship quality” as SC said when he was talking about his subs, he is being overlooked. A big big mistake in my eyes. also Liam O’briens disappearance from the club is partly down to him too.
    Secondly, tactically, he is not brilliant. In many games I have been surprised by how long we have kept a failing system. Swapping nugent and utaka worked on saturday but why was Kitson kept on for so long when he was clearly exhausted.
    As soon as SC sorts this out he earns my full respect. Don’t get me wrong, I am impressed with the run and our new league position but he does need to sort these issues out. especially the youth players one. Thats his biggest drawback

  • Still worried about the fact that on the media he sound like a numpty Ian Holloway, with about the same level of sense. Other than that I still worry about some of the tactics, it was evident a lot of on the job training was going on but so far he’s getting the hang of it. Hope Steve doesn’t get the manager of the month award, well not until we are in the holy land of the play off’s

  • Got to go with Russ’s thoughts. Despite our great run which I’m delighted about, the jury is still out for me on our Mr Steve. Unlike last season when our luck was well and truly out I do believe we’ve pushed our luck in some of our games…and been a bit lucky. SC in my opinion still seems to freeze with his sub decisions, and instead of controlling the game ends up chasing it. Agree with Jake on the Kitson decision, he was kept on far too long, he was out of the game and things should have been changed. I’m backing him of course but I ain’t getting carried away yet, it’s far too early days.

  • Correct me if I am wrong. He is still in the beginning of his career and is improving bit by bit. There aren’t too many managers who are tactically very good. We had one in Mr. Harry. He is what I call, (and how he puts the phrases) a top top notch manager! Talking about subs, his decision to put Hermann up front seemed very weird, especially when we had Kanu. He tried something similar to Van Gaal, he sometimes puts Van Buyten as a centre forward and Mario Gomez stays watching!!!

  • Have to agree with Russ here – the interviews are kinda Hollowayish and he says some naive things I wouldn’t let slip. Especially the Sonko gave the team talk one. There’s a large part of me which thinks at this level some of the senior guys could pull this together and sort the team out without a manager and in fact a manager that let’s them get on with it might be the best thing here. Happy for the run to go on forever and it all be becuase of SC…

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