Date: 12th April 2010 at 1:27pm
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We are going back to Wembley, again…again! Can you believe it; tracyc shares some of her thoughts.

Much as I was looking forward to going back to Wembley again, I have to confess that in my heart of hearts I didn’t truly believe that we would actually win.

In fact, now, the next morning, I still have trouble believing it.

I’m not going to trawl through the reasons why this has been such a miserable season, we all know about all that. And yet we’ve not only gone back to Wembley and won, but we’re back in the final. And all of a sudden I am childishly sleeping in my Pompey kit-shirt, wanting to wear it loud and proud.

Because I am proud.

I am proud of all our fans – the way we got behind our team was fantastic. I don’t want to dwell on the quality of support from the Spurs fans, because why kick them when they’re down, but we were way better. We do have such Pompey, never say die spirit, such mad passion. That’s why I’m Pompey Till I Die and so pleased to be.

I’m proud of Avram. To do what he has done with the players at his disposal is incredible. To take the club and its fans into his heart the way he has is just incredible, and to take a squad of (mainly) loan and free signings, with the biggest injury crisis of all time, to an FA cup final is deserving of the manager of the year award.

I was already proud of our players. They have taken pay-cuts, they have put up with all the rubbish going on at our club, just the situation itself would have got a lot of players’ heads down – never mind being paid late. They even clubbed together to pay wages of club staff who were otherwise being made redundant. Jamie O is on loan from Spurs, but boldly came out and said he wanted his parent club to lose!

And against all odds they went out on that bad Wembley pitch, the same weekend the club was officially relegated, and turn over a side with Champions League aspirations to reach the FA Cup Final for the second time in 2 years. How can you not be proud of that?

I never realised getting to FA Cup Finals was so easy!!!

Pompey have had a lot of stick lately for winning the 2008 final with players that we subsequently couldn’t afford, after Gaydamak pulled the money and wanted it back. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind can criticise us this time round (although some will anyway).

It was important that yesterday was about Pompey, and not our former manager and players. But that said, what an amazing run to the final. We beat the scummers in their own backyard, and then beat Arry and some of our old players at Wembley to get back to the cup final without him/them. What a fairytale! It does make it all the sweeter whatever anyone says.

Isn’t it fabulous, this season of all seasons, for Pompey fans to have something to celebrate and smile about.


Written by tracyc.

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7 Replies to “Wembley Again – 2010”

  • I can confirm that all the way home yesterday Tracy was muttering ‘I don’t believe it happened’ etc. PRIDE is the word alright.

  • It was a wonderful and emotional day, all the players and the manager and his staff were heroes. The sight of Herman hobbling onto the pitch on crutches to join the celebrations capped it all for me. We did not expect a lot – but wow ! did the team deliver !

    One clear point has been endorsed, forever in my mind, you can spend multi-millions of pounds on a player, but you cannot buy heart, guts and grit and passion. The players had just 2 things to play for :
    Their pride, and the fans – what a performance.
    Avram Grant set his tactics to match his team’s capabilities, then tweaked them thro’ the match – Spurs were unable to match them.

    Proud to be a blue.


  • Nice article tracy, and Avram should get manager of the year. He won’t, but he should, and that’s something that only us Pompey fans will ever understand. For a manager to finish bottom of the league after an awful season and still have the fans begging him to stay is a strange thing, but at the final whistle yesterday he showed that he was as passionate about this club as the fans.

  • Great article Tracy .. I got back about 11:30 last night and watched the whole game on telly… At the end the presenter bloke on ITV (whatever his name is) said Pompey “were indeed the best fans in football” and even scummer Townsend had to agree. (As most of you know) I sang my head off non stop from midday to midnight and I still haven’t got my voice back .. and I’ll do it all again on May 15 – Whatever the outcome.. Still on cloud 9 and still VERY emotional .. Bring on the Chelsea

  • That woulf be Steve Rider Chix. We recorded the game and the bloody recording stopped 5 mins into extra time, ARGHHH!

  • Lemmi I did the same thing on sky plus, Oh & Chix that dive over the fence on the way back to the torch had to yellow card,at least, PompeyFrippy nice to meet you too.

  • Oh what a match. I was in Pub full of Spuds fans. But I could not not shout when Freddy scored. It was such a great feeling, being the only one in a whole pub, screaming my head off, and those sad Spuds fans had to look at me and feel jealous. I will be going to Wembely for the final though.

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